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'Teen Mom' Star Bristol Palin Hikes Up Shirt To Flaunt Shredded Stomach

By Mike Walters

'Teen Mom' star Bristol Palin is showing off her rock hard abs and the former reality star says getting them is simple...just cut out the alcohol!

Sarah Palin's daughter just shared a mind-blowing video on Instagram of her shredded mid-section after claiming she stopped drinking alcohol which made a world of difference for her fitness.

In the sexy snap, Bristol slowly pulls up her shirt to the backdrop of music and wiggles her hips a bit to get the full effect. She's not joking, it's full a six-pack!

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See The Eye-Popping Video!


As you can see, Bristol is ripped and her stomach looks like she is doing 100 situps a night! According to the reality star, she is down 10 pounds and chalks most of it up to stopping the booze!

"Down the ten lbs that I gained, hollla...(cutting alcohol + tiny tweaks in the diet)" Bristol captioned the stunning video.

Now, it should be noted in the very next IG story, she points out that she feels very "self-absorbed" after putting up a video of her tight stomach on social media -- but, says she really wanted to tell her fans how much cutting alcohol made a difference.

Showing Off All The Hard Work!


Interestingly, Bristol has turned her fitness transformation into a thriving business after partnering with a company to promote 'Teami' Tummy teas.

Bristol made headlines this week after sharing she was crowned the top real estate producer in her area. The 'Teen Mom' star has been working as a realtor since dropping out of the reality show, and now appears to be at the top of the business! "Dang, a shoutout for something other than getting knocked up @ 17, Holla 💃🏻💃🏻 top producer in Austin, TX," she captioned a photo of the achievement.

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'Your Body Is On Fire!'


Bristol has been lighting up Instagram with sexy snaps for a few months now, and her followers are pumped and flooded her IG with messages of support.

"You’re killing me! 😂 You should be super proud, you’ve worked your booty off. 😊," one person wrote. "You are hilarious! Go you! Ps, your body is on fire!" another added.

"You shouldn't be defined from that one moment in history anyway! On a similar note, just BC a young woman gets pregnant at a young age doesn't mean her life Is over or she will never accomplish anything.. You are one of those examples of being a young mother yet still accomplishing great things in her life!" a fan posted.

Now, if she could just help all the states count the votes. She's got pull right?!

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