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'Teen Mom' Star Kailyn Lowry Sizzles In Teeny Weeny Top

By Mike Walters

'Teen Mom' star Kailyn Lowry knows exactly how to promote your upcoming podcast, post a smoking hot photo of yourself in a teeny tiny top, Ok, now that we have your attention!

The 'Teen Mom 2' star just shared a stunning photo on Instagram which was designed to promote one of the reality star's upcoming podcasts, but many can't get beyond the sexy vibes she is putting off with the tiny black crop top! Lowry melted down Instagram with the sexy snaps and made headlines after making it clear she is done with all the drama with her baby daddies!

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As you know, Kailyn is known for lighting up Instagram with hotshots, and did so in a post-baby photoshoot where she stripped down to show it all!

"Motherhood isn’t supposed to be a competition - and neither are our bodies. this shoot was a challenge for me. I’ve birthed 4 humans & people expect my body to snap back immediately. when it doesn’t - I get body-shamed, when I go to the gym it’s selfish," she wrote at the time.

Adding, "When I love my body, it’s unhealthy. there is no “winning” for me in the court of public opinion. all of this being said, I decided to do shit at my own pace. I decided I would start here - a photoshoot to be proud of my body and really love what it has been capable of doing."

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We Are Buying What She Is Selling!

"I was trying to think of a funny caption, but I’m not funny. there’s a new episode of Coffee Convos Podcast out now," Lowry captioned the latest sexy snap.

Interestingly, on a recent episode of her 'Baby Mamas No Drama' podcast, the reality star discussed the upcoming holidays and the custody schedule with her baby daddies -- and revealed she is "done" fighting with them.

"I told both of them they can have Christmas, like, that’s all theirs. I don’t care. But in the event that we got into a fight and I changed my mind, we would just fall back to the custody agreement because that is supposed to help," she said.

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Baby Daddy Drama?!


Why all the drama?

Well, according to Us Weekly, Lowry was arrested in September for allegedly assaulting one of her baby daddies while exchanging custody of one of their children.

The 'Teen Mom' star is accused of punching her former BF, and they claim the legal documents in the case state, Kailyn “started attacking him [and] punching him several times on the head and upper torso because she did not want the child’s hair cut.”

In the report, the ex-BF claims he “did not fight back."

Drama or not, Kailyn is a very successful young lady and seems to be raking in the dough. She hosts several podcasts and recently shared the process of buying a new massive house!

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