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Ireland Baldwin Crushes In Braless Tank Top With 3-Day-Old MakeUp

By Mike Walters

Ireland Baldwin just proved you can still look smoking hot even while sporting 3-day-old make-up!

Alec Baldwin's daughter just shared eye-popping photos on Instagram where she is making fun of herself for still wearing caked-on make-up from 72 hours earlier. But, the best part is she is a total smoke show, and you would have never guessed it unless she pointed it out in her caption.

Of course, as always, Ireland is flaunting her flawless physique in the pictures which gives her an advantage when trying to pull off the haven't washed your face in three days look!

You Gotta See This!

'You Ever Wear Last Night's Makeup for Three Days Straight?!'


"You ever wear last night’s makeup for three days straight? Yeah me either," Ireland captioned the drop-dead gorgeous pictures.

She added, "Ew," to make her point very clear. But, part of us thinks she was making the point about how mind-blowingly good she looks for someone who hasn't re-applied in 72 hours.

In the sexy snaps, Baldwin is also sporting a white tank top with hugs her curves in all the right places. Plus, it shows off her stunning body art which includes a full-color portrait of David Bowie. "I love the Bowie tattoo😯😍," a fan wrote.

Stripping Down To Promote The Vote!

Ireland Baldwin Lights Up Instagram...Makeup or Not!


While making such an important political statement on social media, Ireland hasn't been shy about her thoughts concerning Donald Trump, saying, "You are not a man if you vote for Trump. You don’t understand and respect women if you vote for this man oh. You are not a father. You are not a friend. As for the ladies, you do not respect yourselves."

As for the 3-day old make-up, one of her millions of followers said, "If I had your makeup on my face I may never wash it." Another added, "Listen, I'm a firm believer that second-day makeup almost always looks better than the first day and I'll die on that hill."

Ew? Not so much!

'Voting Is Cool, So Are Disproportionate Boobs'


Ireland melted down Instagram a few days ago after she promoted the process of voting by posting a topless photo of herself with just 'I Voted' stickers covering her nipples.

"Voting is cool and so are disproportionate boobs," she captioned the topless pics! In the mind-blowing shots, Ireland is standing poolside with her arms raised in the air showing off the all-important voting stickers...and everything else!

The snaps were so impressive it even gathered a like and comment from her step-mother Hilaria Baldwin, who sent her a bunch of heart emojis!

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