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Sommer Ray In A Thong Makes Instagram Men Forget NNN

Instagram | Sommer Ray
By Rima Pundir

Sommer Ray is testing the resolve of her male fans because its November or rather its NNN. For those who live under a sheltered space and do not know what NNN is, it's an NSFW acronym for No Nut November, meaning the meat shall not be beat. 

To put it scientifically, November is the month men decide not to do anything that ends in ejaculation. 

But with the kind of posts Sommer Ray is putting up on Instagram, men are complaining that their NNN oath is being tested to the very limits... 

Sommer Is So Tired Of It All

Instagram | Sommer Ray

She may look like a million bucks and have men fawning all over her but that doesn't mean Sommer wants it that way. 

On this post she put up which is basically an incandescent mood, she wrote,  

"Ugh, so he calls me up, and he's like, "I still love you"
And I'm like, "I just- I mean, this is exhausting, you know?"

Sommer also wanted the song name and fans were only too happy to be of service to her, naming it, "Never getting back together by Taylor Swift"...

Others just begged her for mercy, but then Sommer is having none of it.

She's A Tigress On The Prowl

Instagram | Sommer Ray

It seems Sommer's new captions are all about songs and so this picture went up with the lyrics of the song "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor, albeit in Sommer's atrocious spellings; "its theeeee eye of the tiiiiger, it's the thrillll of the fighttttt"...

All she wore for this series of pictures was a tiger-printed body stocking with nipple pasties and a tiny thong, showing off every inch of her beautiful body and curves, if not skin.

Liked by more than a million of her Instagram fans, Sommer is not backing down so fans are begging for an OnlyFans account!

'Holy Hotness'

Instagram | Sommer Ray

And then there is this and men have just given up on their oat to uphold NNN.

She's still on the song caption role as she titled this set of pictures "lets get physical". For all those who do not listen to retro-powered aerobics music, this was a 1981 dance-exercise number by Olivia Newton-John although Sommer does a far sexier workout in a blue little number with a thong bottom. 

There were male fans on this post urging all the soldiers to "Stay strong" and uphold the sanctity of NNN although many messages read the same, "I'm down"...

Here's Sommer with thunder thighs for more inspiration!


Is Max Ehrich Back At Her Door?

Instagram | Sommer Ray

Max Ehrich, the ex-fiance dumped by Demi Lovato who once dated Sommer Ray is back on her Instagram page, sending her fire emojis on every post. 

Fans aren't all that enamored by him and what they perceive as definite simping, with one comment reading, "not you commenting on her post, weren’t you just heartbroken over Demi like a week ago?? Lmaooo"

Clearly, Sommer's social media presence is hot enough to melt just about any man's resolve, and NNN does not stand a chance in front of all this gorgeousness... 


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