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Lindsey Pelas Bursts Out Of Tiny Bikini Flaunting 'Beauty' Amid America's 'Chaos'

By Mike Walters

Lindsey Pelas is hoping by showing off her mind-blowing beauty and ripped body will help people's stress on a day filled with nervousness and chaos!

The 'Eyes Up Here' podcast host just shared a set of photos of herself lounging on the beach in Malibu, CA -- and the point of the photoshoot is clear, this country is having a rough few days, and she hopes to cheer everyone up with some of the hottest looks you have ever seen!

In the sexy snaps, Pelas' tiny string bikini is BARELY hanging on and appears to be about to burst any second.

You Gotta See This!

Lindsey Pelas' Bikini Barley Hanging On!


"Beauty in the midst of chaos. Enjoying a perfect Malibu Beach sunset last night ✨ ⁣," Lindsey captioned the mind-blowing photos!

In the sexy snaps, Pelas is posed down on the beach in one of the most luxurious areas of Los Angeles, where most houses are own by celebrities. As you can see, she is sporting a tiny yellow pair of bikini bottoms and a small top that is hanging on by a string. If you look close it seems like the whole thing may give way and it would end up on OnlyFans instead of Instagram!

Wait, she zooms in for you...Check This Out!

Lindsey Pelas Channels Melania Trump -- You Gotta See This!


Interestingly, Lindsey has a bit of a connection to the current start of our country as we await the results of it's Presidental election after the smoking hot model recreated one of the hottest photos of the first lady, Melania Trump.

On Halloween night, Lindsey posted a stunning photo of herself in a two-piece bikini which was constructed out of two pieces of metal. If you know history, this is one of the most famous modeling shots of the first lady. The steamy shots were posed for by Melania many years ago.

In these shots, Lindsey's ample assets are spilling out of the sides of her Trump-style bikini.

Lindsey Zooms In Even Further!

See The Mind-Blowing Photos!


"RESIDENTIAL P***Y, I obviously had no other choice than to recreate some of the first glamour models turned First Lady WAP photos," Lindsey captioned the hotshots.

She continued, "I was totes gonna do queen Stormy Daniels photos and do a PICK YOUR POISON BATTLE OF THE WAPS but unfortunately those wouldn't have flown w the community guidelines lmfao."

As you can imagine, the post earned the influencer thousands of likes over the past few days after fans poured over the mind-blowing political bikini pics.

Either way, today will be stressful...but this helps just a bit. Right?!

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