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Is ‘Hawkeye’ Season 2 Coming Soon? What’s Next For Kate Bishop

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By Kristin Myers on December 24, 2021 at 12:20 PM EST

Wednesday, December 22, marked the season finale of “Hawkeye.”

For some fans of the Disney+ Marvel series, the ending came way too soon. The six-episode series saw Jeremy Renner return as the hard-of-hearing Avenger, Clint Barton. He was joined by young archer Kate Bishop, Hailee Steinfeld, and was later joined by “Black Widow” star Florence Pugh, who reprised her role as Yelena Belova.

Although fans were glad that Hawkeye got to finally spend Christmas with his family, inquiring minds want to know: when will we see the crime-fighting duo back in action?

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Is There Going To Be A ‘Hawkeye’ Season 2?

Instagram / haileesteinfeld

At this time, we are sorry to report that there is no news concerning “Hawkeye” season 2. However, no news can be good news – it means that Marvel boss Kevin Feige hasn’t closed the door on the possibility of a sophomore season.

Although there was no second season of “Wandavision,” an Agatha spin-off starring Kathryn Hahn is in the works. The “What If…?” and “Loki” series also reportedly have second seasons in development, so anything is possible!

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What is known, however, is that there will be a “Hawkeye” spinoff that’s already in the works. Fans of Maya Lopez – also known as Echo – will be glad to hear that Alaqua Cox is returning for a spin-off based on her character. Fans were ecstatic to see the Deaf Native American superhero played by an actual Deaf Native American actress who is fluent in American Sign Language.

No release date has been announced for the “Hawkeye” spin-off, so fans will just have to keep speculating on what's next in Maya's journey for now.

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Will Kate Bishop Be Joining The Young Avengers?

Hailee Steinfeld on Hawkeye
Instagram / haileesteinfeld

It’s hard to say what is next for Kate Bishop, but there are plenty of crossovers that Kate can appear in.

It’s possible that she might be part of a “Young Avengers” crossover series, which could include a team-up with characters Eli Bradley from “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and Wiccan and Speed from “Wandavision.”

It’s also possible that the next group of Avengers could appear somewhere other than New York City. In the comics, Kate Bishop eventually takes Lucky the Pizza Dog and moves out to Los Angeles. It’s more than possible that we can see a West Coast adventure taking place in the sunny state of California.

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Now that Yelena has some answers regarding the death of her sister (Black Widow), it’s possible that Yelena might join her there as well. Fans absolutely loved the banter between Kate and Yelena during the infamous “macaroni scene,” which Steinfeld revealed was a pleasure to film.

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Florence Pugh on Hawkeye
Instagram / haileesteinfeld

“I just remember being so impressed by Florence,” Steinfeld shared. “She had a great understanding of Yelena and where Yelena falls in this moment. She’s been given a task, and she has made it very clear she will stop at nothing to achieve this task.”

“There’s Kate simply trying to understand where she’s coming from because she’s not willing to accept Yelena’s thoughts on Clint,” she added. “These are two people who are just trying to protect the thing that they love. In that, they sort of find this connection to each other.”

Although “Hawkeye” season 2 hasn’t officially been green-lit, fans are hoping to see another collaboration between Pugh and Steinfeld in the near future!

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