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'Fox Nation' Host Tomi Lahren Goes Topless To Demand Votes For Donald Trump

By Mike Walters

'Fox Nation' host Tomi Lahren is going to do whatever it takes to convince you to vote for Donald Trump, even if that means stripping it down on social media!

The controversial conservative host just posted a smoking hot photo on Instagram where she is sporting a red, white, and blue blazer with Donald Trump's face plastered all over it. But, it appears she isn't wearing anything underneath. She knows exactly what she is doing.

Of course, Tomi included a message about getting out to vote tomorrow for the President, which sent social media into a tailspin!

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"1 day left. Get hyped. Get ready. Get TRUMPED!" Tomi captioned the steamy shots. The political pundit included several hashtags including "Team Trump" and "MAGA."

In the sexy snaps, Tomi is decked out in the Trump blazer and shooting a fierce look into the camera.

As you can imagine, Tomi's millions of followers were pumped by the stunning photo, and lit up her IG with messages like, "Gorgeous!!!!! I think you wear TRUMP better than he does 😂, and "MAGA Here comes the red wave. And also your gorgeous🔥🔥❤️."

"My god..... just when I thought I had seen your most provocative glare.... comes this one... 😇."

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This isn't the first time Tomi has stripped down on social media to make her political points.

As we reported, the 'Fox Nation' host made huge headlines earlier this week after showing off her brutal Halloween costume which could only be described as a sexy rioter. "A Mostly Peaceful Halloween," Tomi captioned the stunning photos.

The latest photo caused a backlash on IG, including several Joe Biden fans who made their presence felt commenting on the photo. "Get trumped... Is that where you have to be taken to a hospital because Donald trump left you standing outside in the freezing cold for hours?" one person wrote.

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'One Day Left. Get Hyped. Get Ready. Get TRUMPED'


As we said, Tomi knows exactly how to get the attention of her followers and slip in the Trump message at the same time.

Interestingly, one fan wasn't pumped about the sexy snap, and posted, "Hold up. Didn't you complain about men being boys? Yet here you are looking like a conservaTHOT. You belong to the streets."

As we reported, Tomi trashed most men in America in a recent online rant, calling them out for playing games with women. "It will be a cold day in hell before I chase a man...We have all dealt with men who treat us like we are not good enough."

Lahren recently called off her engagement to soccer player Brandon Fricke.

Happy Pre-Election Day!

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