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Piper Palin taking a selfie

Sarah Palin Scolds Youngest Daughter Over Revealing Costume

Sarah Palin / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Sarah Palin just proved that no matter how old her children get, she'll always be Mama Grizzly. The former governor of Alaska was floored over the weekend when she went on Instagram and saw her youngest daughter, 19-year-old Piper Palin, with a sexy Halloween costume that showed off her curvy assets. Although Piper's sister, Bristol Palin, gave her little sister a message of approval over the Halloween hotness, the matriarch of the Palin family couldn't help herself with making her disapproval public.

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Vroom Vroom

Piper Palin and friend in Halloween costumes
Piper Palin / Instagram

Piper Palin treated her 30,000 followers to a Halloween treat when she shared a sultry photo in her costume with a friend. Dressed as a sexy race car driver, Piper's headlights were on full display as she burst out of a skintight bodysuit.

"Wanna see some real speed bieeetch," Piper captioned her pic.

The photo was a hit with Piper's fans and friends, and even her sister Bristol Palin, who slipped into the comments to write:

"Brrrrap brapp bbyGURL," Bristol wrote in support.

Mama Grizzly Roars

Giphy | GIPHY News

Although just about everyone was in awe of Piper's stunning photo, her mama Sarah Palin was not on the hype train.

"PIPER!😡!!!!" the former "Masked Singer" contestant wrote with a string of exclamation points and an angry emoji.

Sarah's comment caused an uproar from fans, as everyone loved the growl from Mama Grizzly.

"[My] momma would say the same thing lol," one person wrote.

"Oh shoot mom showed up," another fan commented.

Piper didn't respond to her mom, but there's no doubt the message was received.

Sarah Palin's Girls

Bristol, Willow and Piper Palin
Sarah Palin / Instagram

Sarah Palin and her daughter Piper are extremely close, as the Palin family is very tight-knit. Sarah is known to gush about her daughters on social media with emotional posts. Back in 2019 the former politician wrote about Piper pursuing a higher education, and in the wake of the Lori Loughlin college admissions scandal, Sarah made it clear that Piper was going about things the right way.

"So proud of Piper pursuing higher educ the ethical, legal, RIGHT way as she graduates this year," Sarah wrote on Instagram.

Proud Of Her Daughter

Piper Palin taking a selfie
Piper Palin / Instagram

Sarah Palin added about Piper's decision to continue education after graduating:

"[In] the midst of revelation of all these “celebrity” kids getting into colleges via bribes, threats, etc., Piper’s desire to be a nurse (to serve others in their time of need!) makes my heart soar. Despite some holding the “Sarah Palin lineage” against her, Pjper will succeed - by the Grace of God my baby girl will survive & thrive the right way‼️"

Wait until Sarah Palin sees the Halloween costumes kids wear in college!

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