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Bella Thorne Licks Loaded Pistol As Sexy Police Officer For Halloween

By Mike Walters

Bella Thorne dressed up as a sexy police officer with a very big gun, and you are going to want to start breaking the law!

The 'Wannabe Mogul' author just dropped some of the hottest photos you have ever seen on Instagram, and they included the sexy couple's costume with her boyfriend as a dirty cop who just broke a dude out of jail.

In the eye-popping photos, Bella not only poses down with her criminal beau while making out with him, but she breaks out a firearm and proceeds to lick its cold, hard barrel while looking sensually into the camera.

Ya, You Are Gonna Want To See This One!



"I broke him out of prison because I fell in love 😍 Also stoked u guys chose this look," Bella captioned the mind-blowing photos!

In the sexy snaps, Thorne is sporting a tiny black lingerie set (her police uniform) and topped it off with thigh-high leather boots and a police officer's hat. But, it's the gun that has her fans going crazy on Instagram, after she unholstered it and proceeded to lick its barrel. This will leave you breathless.

"OMFG. Wow. Omg you look so sexy !!!" is all one fan could muster after seeing the shots!

Here's Where It Gets CRAZY!

'Naughty Girl'


It appears Bella traveled to Italy for the holidays as the smoking hot photos were tagged in the city of Rome. The good news is that gave the A-lister the ability to use her boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo, as a prop in her sexy Halloween costume.

In the couple's shot, Ben is wearing an orange prisoner's outfit -- and of course -- the zipper is pulled down just enough to show off his extensive chest and stomach tattoos! In the sexy snaps, Bella plants a fast one on her prisoner as she breaks him out of jail.

Check This Out!

Bella Thorne Stuns While Breaking Boyfriend Out Of Prison!


"THEY LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER😍❤️," one fan wrote after seeing the shots!

"Naughty Girl," another said. Agreed.

The best part is Bella allowed her millions of fans to get in on the process of choosing the best Halloween costumes which included trying on a few different sexy styles.

As we reported, the actress recently shared an eye-popping shot of herself as Little Red Riding Hood. "Lil Red 👑 grandma doesn’t approve of my outfit," she captioned the sexy snaps.

"Damn what happened to red riding hood after the story? 😂" one fan joked after seeing the adult version of the character.

As always, we can just hope the rest of this night will end up on Her OnlyFans!

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