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'Fox Nation' Host Tomi Lahren Goes As Group Of Sexy Rioters For Halloween?!

By Mike Walters

'Fox Nation' host Tomi Lahren dressed up as a sexy group of rioters for Halloween and it has social media going into a complete tailspin!

The uber-conservative commentator shared video and photos on Instagram of the sexy Halloween getup her and her girlfriends prepared for a night on the town. At first, it's a little confusing what exactly the group is going for until you read the Fox host's caption.

In the photos, Tomi and her squad are sporting hot fishnets, wigs, leather pants, and beanies -- but they also brought along a few destructive tools.

You Won't Believe This One!

See The Mind-Blowing Sexy Rioter "Costumes"


"A Mostly Peaceful Halloween," Tomi captioned the stunning photos.

Obviously, the Fox host is making it clear her squad is hitting the streets of Nashville, Tennesse as a group of menacing rioters that are preparing to do damage. As we said, this one sent social media off the deep end.

"You going trick or treating or to a “peaceful protest” This is absolutely amazing, well done!!!!" one person wrote.

Another added, "Did you dress up as a liberal, Antifa babe? I always knew you were Antifa." Adding, Biden-Harris Supporters...? Very nice. Though the thought of a Biden presidency is pretty darn scary as well."

One person just said it like this, "I’d let you riot me any day."

See The Stunning Video!



Of course, the situation is not a joke. And, several people pointed out that making fun of this doesn't sit well with a lot of people. But, remember, Tomi is as far right as they come, and politicizing her Halloween costume is expected.

Many of her followers just made jokes about the crowd she is trying to portray, including one who said, "But the real question is...did you just finish playing NBA2K while eating an entire bag of Cheetos, and drinking 3 Mountain Dew code reds...and not showering for 2 weeks?"

Anarchy looks great on you.

Watch The Video...

Tomi Lahren Sends Social Media Into Tailspin With Rioter Costumes


If you didn't notice, Tomi is the one decked out in a blue wig, skin-tight leather pants, and a few breast tattoos. Plus, don't forget the Adidas beanie.

As we reported, Tomi made huge headlines earlier this month after she decided to bash most men in America, calling out the "games" they play with women.

“It will be a cold day in hell before I chase a man,” said Lahren, who recently called off her engagement to soccer player Brandon Fricke. “We have all dealt with men who treat us like we are not good enough," she concluded.

The controversial host also made waves after welcoming 50 Cent to the 'Trump Train' after he went off on Joe Biden after hearing his tax plan.

Bottom line, Wow. Just Wow.

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