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Kelly Ripa Trolls Dr. Pimple Popper With GIANT White-Head Explosion

By Mike Walters

Kelly Ripa just pulled the greatest prank on the queen of zits, Dr. Pimple Popper!

The awesome moment went down this morning on 'LIVE With Kelly And Ryan' when the talk show host brought Dr. Sandra Lee on the show's Halloween special to work on something she has been 'concealing.'

In the mind-blowing scene, Dr. PP appears in the studio and says, "I'm about to meet with a new patient, I hope that I can help her." at that point Kelly Ripa appears and she says, "Hi, Kelly great to see you! What can I do for you?"

You Gotta See This!

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Just Wait Until She Gets Her Hands On It!


In the video, Kelly explains she has a bit of a skin issue and wants the good doctor to take a look!

"Hi, Dr. Lee thank you for seeing me...Um, I have a bit of a problem and I've been concealing it -- and it's come to a head," Kelly says. She continues, "Just know you've been warned!" Let's do something about it, you ready!

At that point, Kelly breaks out one of the biggest white-heads you have ever seen! Of course, you now realize they both are in on the gag, but Dr. Pimple Popper goes ahead and pops the Halloween make-up created zit anyways!

Check Out The Classic Video!

It's A Monster!


The best part, after Dr. Lee presses a few time on Kelly's face a fake graphic of exploding pus splashes on the scene! It is great.

"Dr. Lee, You and Kelly are hilarious! 😂," one fan posted after seeing the video.

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"That looks like something way worse than a pimple, thank God it's fake 😂," another said. Interestingly, a few popaholics were not amused by the jokes, pointing out that people with bad skin continue to suffer. "I doubt this is funny to some that really have skin issues. I know it is a prank for Halloween ...but," a fan wrote. But, they were in the minority.

Check Out The Splash!

See The Mind-Blowing Video!


As we reported, Kelly Ripa has made mouths drop these past few days after showing off her sexy Halloween costumes. Well, at least some of them are hot!

The 50-year-old star left her fans breathless after she shared a few throwback costumes from previous Halloween's including one dressed up as Wonder Woman. In the 2017 throwback, Kelly was seen with friends sporting the iconic spandex bodysuit highlighting her snatched waist in the iconic belt.

Plus, there was that whole thing with her husband's package! It's been that kind of week!

Now, Check Out The Pimple Popping Mess!

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