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Chanel West Coast poses looking sultry in her bedroom

Chanel West Coast Eases 2020 Bare-Bellied With $5,000 Cash Offer

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast is offering you $5,000 cash – because 2020 wasn't exactly the easiest year. The 32-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star's Friday Instagram update brought a giant giveaway that would likely make anyone's weekend – "I know it's been a really crazy year," Chanel said, with anyone continuing to watch getting the ultimate pick-me-up. Follow her instructions, and you could win $5,000. The MTV face, fresh from dropping her "America's Sweetheart" album, took less than 20 minutes to have fans saying: "Done." Check it out below.

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Admits 2020 Has Been A Joke

Chanel West Coast poses rolling eyes in a chair

Scroll for the video. It comes as Chanel's own 2020 hasn't actually been all that bad – alongside her now-viral "Corona Rap" and celebrating 500 episodes of "Ridiculousness," Chanel is currently promoting her already-popular "America's Sweetheart" album.

The video, shot inside the rapper's home, showed her sizzling in a neon green "LOVE ME BACK" tee worn knotted for a trim belly flash – Chanel showed hints of jeans, also wearing a top knot bun and bright blue eyeshadow.

"2020 is definitely one for the books," Chanel opened, then telling fans to "go follow those directions" for the chance to win $5,000.

How To Win The $5,000

Chanel West Coast poses smiling with closed eyes indoors

Keep scrolling for the video. If you don't live inside celebrity Instagram, giveaways are a bit of a thing and they generally required following an account – in this case, @socialmedia, plus "all the accounts that @socialmedia is following." West Coast did, however, confirm it "takes 30 seconds to enter."

"And Go LIKE my LAST POST too right now and leave a comment!" Chanel added. Makes sense – in Februrary, Chanel made headlines for a giant rant over not getting enough Instagram likes. More after the video.

Not All She's Offering

Chanel West Coast poses on a yacht in a swimsuit

Chanel, who has been lying shirtless on a U.S. flag to bring "unity" and promote her pandemic-penned album, has been offering her 3.5 million Instagram followers plenty this month. Build-up to "America's Sweetheart" showed West Coast in the gold and silver glitter bikinis donned for the album's "No Plans" video – it's shot inside a $50 million mansion – with this week also bringing Chanel rapping on "Ridiculousness". And for a reason.

Chanel, thanking "Ridiculousness" co-star Rob Dydrek for giving a "b-tch" a job all those years ago, has been showing how gratitude is done, West Coast-style.

Grateful For Rob Giving 'A B*tch' A Job

Chanel West Coast poses crouching in boots and a sweater

Chanel was given a chance by former "Fantasy Factory" face Rob Dydrek back in 2009 as he took her on for a secretary role. In 2011, the LOL Cartel founder transitioned to her current gig on "Ridiculousness," with an episode this week seeing Chanel send Rob mad props – for helping her make it on TV.

"Shout out to Rob, he gave me a check when a b-tch had no job," she rapped. Also thanked of late has been rapper Lil Wayne. The 38-year-old signed Chanel to his Young Money Entertainment label back in 2012.

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