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Kelly Ripa with a pillow

Kelly Ripa's Co-Worker Shocks In Shirtless Halloween Costume

Kelly Ripa / Instagram
By Gary Trock

The day is finally here for Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest and the rest of the "LIVE" gang to reveal their highly-anticipated Halloween costumes ... and they did not disappoint! The action kicked off Friday morning on "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" when it was revealed that the cast & crew costumes all had to do with the pop-culture phenomenons of 2020, like the Pillow Dress Challenge. Although this year has been a dumpster fire of disaster, there were still a few things that brought us all together.

Tiger Kings

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest in Halloween costumes
LIVE With Kelly and Ryan / Instagram

The Halloween extravaganza included wild looks from both Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest as they brought back some of the best memories of 2020. Among the costumes were both hosts dressing up as eccentric former zookeeper, Joe Exotic, of Netflix's "Tiger King." Ripa played multiple "Tiger King" roles throughout the show, including donning a floral crown for the infamous "Dancing With the Stars" contestant, Carole Baskin.

Although Kelly and Ryan knocked it out of the park, they were not the best "Tiger King" costume of them all.

Gelman Goes Big

Kelly Ripa / Instagram

"LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" longtime executive producer, Michael Gelman, delivered the most shocking "Tiger King" costume when he stripped down to reveal his tatted costume of John Finlay. Finlay was one of the breakout stars from "Tiger King," both for his messed up teeth and the fact that he did all of his interviews sans shirt.

Gelman revealed earlier in the week that he was getting custom tattoos for his costume, and went all out to even include Finlay's "Joe Exotic" tattoo over his heart and text on his tummy.

Other Costumes

Baby Yoda and Mandalorian costumes
LIVE With Kelly and Ryan / Instagram

Other looks from the team at "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" included paying homage to "The Mandalorian," which is also on the same day of the popular "Star Wars" series premiering its second season on Disney Plus. Although Kelly and Ryan were awesome as Mandalorians, Gelman once again stole the show as Baby Yoda.

The hosts also dressed up as the stars of "Schitt's Creek," with Ripa playing Moira Rose and Seacrest becoming David. The show also featured appearances from The Joker, J. Lo, Cher, ChiPs and Pennywise the clown.

Fans Scream With Delight

Computer screen showing multiple camera angles
LIVE With Kelly and Ryan / Instagram

Fans had been looking forward to the live Halloween special all year and have been showering the show and hosts with praise for their tireless efforts.

"You all out did Halloween fantastic show amazing how you put all that together for a one hour show brilliant," one fan proclaimed.

"Incredible transformation. Great make up department. I love how Kelly gets into character too," a second person commented.

"Gelman wins!!!" a third fan declared.

We would have to agree that Gelman really delivered for the frightfully fun special!

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