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Kate Beckinsale poses at an event in a strapless dress

Kate Beckinsale Suffers In Pulled-Down Pants While Asserting Britishness

By Rebecca Cukier

Kate Beckinsale in pulled-down pants and without visible underwear set out to a straight-forward start last night. The "Underworld" actress was keen to remind her 4.4 million Instagram followers to vote in the upcoming U.S. elections, but the classy-come-sexy snaps have taken an ugly turn – basically, if you're British, you don't get a say, per Kate's fans. The 47-year-old offered both her abs and a teeny tiny "VOTE" bra to get things going, with her caption proving both a joke and a serious deal. Check it out below.

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'I Can't Vote Due To Being British'

Kate Beckinsale poses smiling and wearing reindeer ears

Scroll for the photos. Kate, born in the swanky Chiswick district of London, had posed in full bombshell mode. She was backed by a huge vein marble wall and roaring fire, herself setting Instagram ablaze in tailored white pants cheekily tugged down, plus a strapless black tube top with "VOTE" written across it in gold. The "Pearl Harbor" face, also rocking sheer elbow gloves opened with her status as a U.K. citizen.

"I can’t vote due to being 🇬🇧 but I CAN wear a custom golden VOTE bra and encourage you to," she began.

Says Vote On Her Behalf

Kate Beckinsale poses in white pants and a VOTE bra

Keep scrolling for more photos. Beckinsale, who lives in L.A., but is not a U.S. citizen, continued by asking fans to "vote on my behalf" and reminding them that it's still possible to register to vote – plenty more voter talk and then some humor as the brunette added:

"Check your state for details. Also do not wear a metal bra next to an open fire for an extended period of time. VOTE."

With 163,000 likes overnight, the post was popular, but the comments section is showing something else.

Told 'Stay The F*ck Out' Of American Elections

Kate Beckinsale poses in white pants and a VOTE bra

Kate, who regularly finds herself trolled and made global headlines for clapping back as she dated (since split) 23-year-old musician Goody Grace, was once again seeing the backlash flow in.

"Stay the f-ck out of an American election you don't have a dog in this fight so shut your mouth ok thankfully yours USA 🇺🇸," a popular comment read.

"Maybe US elections non of your business 🤷‍♀️," another added, with Kate also told "You're a brit" and that nobody is "voting on your behalf" – "You don't get a say, sorry." Scroll for the epic clap-back!

Fans Say Quit The Hate, Already

Kate Beckinsale poses for a home selfie in leggings

Kate was backed, though. In fact, a reply sticking up for the cat lover and queen of witticisms questioned why she got all the hate in the first place. Kate joins stars including "Friends" alum Jennifer Aniston, reality face Kim Kardashian, and singer Selena Gomez in urging fans to vote.

"Goddamn," the user wrote: "You take on soooo much hate for being female. If you were Ryan Gosling the comments would be vastly opposite. Unf-cking real."

Kate has now swooped in to reply. Speaking to the user telling her she doesn't have a say, the actress wrote:

"Ooh too late, several people have said they are. Pip pip tally ho let's have a crumpet."

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