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Aly Raisman in the woods

Gymnast Aly Raisman Stuns While Squatting Next to Citrus Shrub

Aly Raisman / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Olympic gold medalist Alexandra Raisman is showing off her green thumb, along with her world-class curves. The 26-year-old gymnastics icon took to Instagram on Thursday afternoon to share a calming moment with her over 2 million followers. Reisman, who has built up her voice as a social media influencer by preaching kindness and love, regularly engages with fans in hopes of spreading positivity on social platforms. She also aims at doing well for people outside of Instagram by recently announcing a big partnership.

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Staying Calm

Aly Raisman with citrus plant
Aly Raisman / Instagram

Aly Raisman not only dropped a fire photo on her Instagram feed, she also shared some sage advice about her process for using smells to calm any stress that she may be experiencing in life.

"Focusing on smells can help me feel more in my body when I feel stressed or tense. One of my favorite smells is the smell of flowers that will turn into lemons or limes," the gymnast began her message.

Her long caption included a photo of Raisman popping a squat next to a citrus tree at her home while wearing a skintight bodysuit.

Stopping To Smell The Flowers

Aly Raisman posing with a flower
Aly Raisman / Instagram

The gymnastics star continued, "It brings me a sense of calm & reminds me to be in the moment. I love stopping to smell the flowers! These little things we do for ourselves throughout the day can make a big difference in how we feel. Maybe you don’t feel a sense of calm or peace when you smell a flower & that’s ok!

She added, "What makes you feel safe & comfort can be different than what works for me. We’re all unique & the same goes for what makes us feel good."

Engaging With Fans

Aly Raisman performing gymnastics

Raisman, who recently partnered with an athletic-wear company in a collaboration that will provide aid to the homeless population in Boston, also fielded comments from fans about their own personal tactics for keeping calm under stress.

"Maybe you can comment little things that you do to bring you calm to help bring some of my followers some ideas. Not everyone is able to identify what makes them feel calm & safe & that’s okay! I was there at one point one & it can feel like a lonely place (I am still learning! It’s a process). But I know you’ll find it, whatever it may be ☺️ Hope you are having a nice day! Be kind to yourself, you are doing the best you can! You are not here to be perfect."

Loves Gardening

Aly Raisman with kitchen garden
Aly Raisman / Instagram

In her post-gymnastics career, Aly Raisman has developed a love for gardening and regularly shares her new passion with her millions of followers.

"As many of you may know, gardening has brought me so much joy. It has become a safe place for me in my life. I love that in gardening, no two days are the same & there is something to look forward to each day," she wrote in a recent IG post while announcing a partnership with a gardening company.

Raisman added, "The process of planting a seed & watching it grow into something beautiful is so cool & it honestly never gets old."

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