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Gymnast Nastia Liukin Flaunts Rockin' Body In Braless Bodysuit While Dishing On Boys!

By Mike Walters

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is dishing on the current state of her love life, and she decided to do it while sporting a mind-blowing skin-tight bodysuit. We gotta hear this!

The five-time Olympic gold-medalist took to Instagram to answer a few hard-hitting questions including letting her one million followers in on her current relationship status.

In the sexy video, Nastia is sitting in her new home in Dallas, Texas, and responding to questions fired off by her loyal following. So, is she dating anyone?

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In the stunning video, Nastia says she is going to keep this part of her life 'private' and says she is enjoying having something that she can keep as her own. The Olympian agrees that usually, she is very open about situations like her love life, but she is going to keep this one close to the chest...for now!

Of course, Nastia is STUNNING in the video and shows off her mind-blowingly ripped physique in the IG story. In the sexy snap, she is decked out in a brown bodysuit, and positioned the camera just right for the full effect!

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Nastia Liukin Isn't Dishing On Her Current Love Life!


As we reported, Nastia was formerly engaged to hockey player Matt Lombardi, and the athlete opened up about the relationship following their split several years ago.

“You get engaged to someone and obviously you have plans and then we broke up — we didn’t get engaged with the idea we’d break up,” Lombardi said.

He continued, "I often look at things as very black-and-white. I don’t have any regrets about my relationship with Nastia. And we’re amicable and we get along and we’re I think just doing our own things and things like that now. There are so many learnings and things that I came out of that [relationship].

Following the split, Nastia made huge waves after reportedly hooking up with an NFL star!

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Single And Ready To Mingle?!


According to reports, the gold-medalist started dating Detroit Lions star, Sam Martin. Nastia discussed the relationship in an interview, explaining she knew little about the game before meeting Martin.

“I love it because I feel like I know nothing about football and I told him that right from the beginning, I had no idea. And he was trying to explain a play to me once and I guess I was just staring off into space and he was like, ‘Wow you really don’t know anything.’” I was like, ‘No.’”

She continued, “I do kind of know the athlete mentality and what it’s like and having a tough practice. Coming home after a bad day, I can talk with him and joke with him about it. Hopefully, it just adds extra support, knowing what it is like to go through something like that and at that level."

As for her current status, she isn't dishing anything on this topic at the moment. But, we will stay tuned!

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