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Halsey Files Restraining Order Against 'Stalker' Who Allegedly Smashed Guitar In Neighbors Yard

By Liz Walters

Halsey filed an emergency restraining order against an obsessed fan who she claims smashed a guitar in her neighbor's yard, after not being able to locate the singer.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Halsey says she desperately needed protection against a man who she calls a 'stalker' and who showed up at her home multiple times to see the star. She claims the man believes they have a relationship and is asking a judge to keep him away from her and her home.

The situation got so bad, she claims after becoming agitated after speaking to a neighbor, he smashed a guitar against the group as he left the area.

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Halsey Claims Obsessed Fan Smashed Guitar In Front Of Neighbors House


In Halsey's petition for protection, her attorney included an investigative report from her security team which provided a description of incidents leading up to Halsey having to seek a court's protection, including the guy showing up to her home on "4 or 5" occasions.

According to the documents, a security team member says, "I became aware of a potential 'stalker' who was attempting to locate Ms. Frangipane (Halsey) and her management team asked me to investigate. On Oct, 2, 2020, they identified the man (we are choosing not to name), who had stopped by a neighbor's house looking for Halsey, under the impression she lived there."

He continued, "The same male had stopped by 4 or 5 times since September this year and the neighbor had called LAPD a few times."

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Singer Claims She Need Protection From Dangerous 'Stalker'


In the restraining order, Halsey's team says the gentlemen has posted several alarming videos and about being in love with the singer and believe he was recently released from a psychiatric facility.

In a video, obtained by Halsey's legal team on his alleged Instagram shows him smoking marijuana waxed in hash, (a possible violation of his probation), and videos of "wild outbursts" including shooting a pedestrian for jaywalking, videos referring to being in Iove with (Halsey) and numerous videos referring to killing, shooting, explosives and dying."

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Man Ordered To Stay 100 Yards Away From The Singer & Her Home


The security guard's report states, the "young male started showing up at the neighbor's residence playing guitar, looking for Halsey, and has become increasingly agitated after the 3rd and 4th visit but, continued to show up."

He continued, "The obsessed fan smashed his guitar on the ground after the neighbor reiterated that Halsey did not live there. He left a notebook behind to be given to Halsey. LAPD arrived and took a report."

According to the documents, a Los Angeles judge issued the restraining order, stating he must stay 100 yards away from Halsey, her home, and "any venue she is performing or rehearsing at."

Halsey is due back in court next month to argue for a permanent restraining order.

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