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Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid's Sultry Fred Flintstone Costume Will Turn You Into Rubble

By Jeff Mazzeo

It's that time of year again! No, not Halloween... it's the time of year when all the celebrities share their past Halloween costumes and Bella Hadid's throwback outfit just rocked us back to the Stone Age!

The beautiful model shared some very revealing pics and vids of last year's costume masterpiece on Thursday. Hadid decided to go as an extremely sultry Fred Flintstone at the last minute because she was already rocking short hair. The throwback content is meant to get her millions of fans pumped up and excited to find out what Bella is going to be this year and it worked!

Rubble In Her Hands


Bella loved her old costume so much that she decided to make two posts about it. One featured the scantily clad model planning the outfit and the other shows her partying in it.

"I’m on the same job today that I was on exactly 1 year ago, When I decided to be Fred Flintstone 2 days before Halloween," the working model captioned her sultry throwback.

By coincidence, Jesse Jo Stark had the same idea.

"Us a year ago . 2 things. I miss me with short hair & This wasn’t planned- jesse jo and i just have telepathy (go to last slide to watch @jenatkinhair try to pin down the moving target aka me)," she wrote alongside her party pics.

Picture This

Bella Hadid posing in the mirror.

It was actually quite interesting to see Hadid's creative process when it comes to planning her sultry Halloween costumes. She posed topless in a crowded makeup room and used her phone to draw out how the costume should look (she must be used to not wearing clothes around people #ModelLife). She drew on the orange top and bottoms and included Flintstone's iconic blue tie. It's the details for us... the topless pic doesn't hurt either.

Our process is much different than Bella's. Picking a costume involves us googling and seeing what the Halloween store has in our size.

This Year's Costume Tease

Bella Hadid in a brown sweater.

As you probably guessed by now, Halloween is kind of Bella's thing and she expressed her excitement a little earlier than normal this year.

"Halloween is mf here you know what that means @samvissermakeup Guess what I’m gnna be🤓," Hadid wrote alongside a makeup timelapse.

Some fans guessed typical answers like a race car driver or a college professor but the favorite guess seems to be a little bit of a fantasy.

"White Walker from Game of Thrones!" an excited fan declared.

Going 3 D


We are not sure if her recent full body scan was in preparation for the spooky holiday but she definitely piqued our interest. Bella went fully digital last week when she let her model physique be scanned.

"3D scan," she simply captioned the crazy collection of pics and vids.

The two top theories as to why she is getting fully mapped out are for this year's costume or a strange Mugler fashion show. Either way, we can't wait to tune in!

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