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Blac Chyna's Mom Accuses Wendy Williams Of Drug Use

By Ryan Naumann

Blac Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni is accusing Wendy Williams of doing drugs around her last year.

The revelation came out during an interview Toyko gave on The Armon Wiggins Show. During the chat, Tokyo spoke about hanging out with the talk show host at L.A. Pride in 2019. The two were spotted together with Tokyo's daughter, Blac Chyna.

At the time, Chyna and Wendy were becoming close friends and had been hanging out multiple days in a row. Tokyo decided to join them for the big event.

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The Armon Wiggins Show

Toyko said the trio was driving on a big bus and arrived at the event. She said Wendy immediately told them she had to use the bathroom. Toyko said she was confused because they just arrived and the lines were extra long.

Blac Chyna's mom said Wendy went into the bathroom and she waited outside. She said the bathroom trip took extra long. Tokyo said when she went into the bathroom Wendy was down but when she came out she was super excited with energy.


Toyko said Wendy kept playing with her nose after the bathroom visit. The radio show host asked Toyko if she was implying that Wendy was doing cocaine in the bathroom. Tokyo confirmed by giving the look to the radio host.

Chyna's mom told the host Wendy is a grown woman who is able to do what she wants. She talked about Hollywood having the best designer drugs and everyone is using them.

Tokyo detailed the rest of the night where she claims Wendy got jealous of the attention she received from people around them.


As The Blast previously reported, Wendy and Tokyo have a long history of feuding publicly. Back in 2018, Tokyo sued Wendy and her show producers accusing them of defamation, slander, and harassment.

In the lawsuit, Toni claimed Wendy had trashed her on “The Wendy Williams” show to millions of people and displaying a “great deal of hate by saying these nasty irrational despicable things.”

She claimed the harassment from Wendy was so bad, she had not been able to sleep or eat.


Months after she filed, the judge presiding over the case warned Tokyo if she did not serve Wendy with the legal docs, the case would be dismissed. Then weeks later, the judge got tired of waiting around for Tokyo to show she served Wendy and dismissed the entire case. Tokyo did not show up to court to seek an extension or show she attempted to serve Wendy.

A rep for Wendy Williams told The Blast, "We are very satisfied justice has prevailed and this lawsuit was rightfully thrown out."

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