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Britney Spears Goes Silent For 9 Days As Conservatorship Battle Heats Up

By Ryan Naumann

Britney Spears has gone radio silent as her conservatorship battle is getting nasty.

For over a week, the 38-year-old singer has been MIA from her social media accounts. The last post by Britney was posted on October 19. Britney usually makes multiple posts per day on Instagram.

The last photo shared by the singer is one taken of her in front of her Los Angeles mansion. She stares directly into the camera while giving a small smirk. The singer looked completely unfazed by the ongoing court battle with her father Jamie Spears.

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The silence on social media comes as a racy video was deleted from Britney's account. The clip showed the singer dancing in the entryway of her mansion. She was blaring Madonna's Justify My Love" while showing off her dance skills.

Britney wore a revealing red top with a pair of short black panties. Fans showed Britney love in the comment section with a ton of heart-eyed emojis. Many fans loved the video where Britney seemed to really be letting go during the choreography.


Days after being posted, the video was scrubbed from Britney's Instagram account. Many wondered if someone on Britney's team was responsible for removing the 1-minute video for being risky.

Britney continues to receive support from the #FreeBritney movement. The supporters believe the singer should be let out of the 12-year conservatorship put in place by the court.

They believe the singer should not be controlled or have her finances managed by the court. Britney has been fighting to have her father Jamie removed from his role in the matter.


Britney's father has consistently trashed the #FreeBritney supporters in the press. He recently called them a "conspiracy theory" and said they didn't know what was in his daughter's best interest.

In court documents, Britney fired back saying she appreciates the love and support from every single one of her fans. There have been quite a few updates in the conservatorship case.

Earlier this month, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted a motion allowing Britney to hire her own outside counsel.


The singer had been pleading for the judge to allow it. Her father had been objecting to the decision and questioning if she had the mental capacity.

Earlier this week, Jamie filed court documents requesting that Britney speak for herself and not through her court-appointed lawyer. He claims to want to hear her say what she wants personally. Britney has yet to respond to her father's request.

Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, recently sat down for an interview with Nylon where she said nothing about the family drama.

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