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Selma Blair near pink flowers

Selma Blair Shows Off Shiny New Cane In Stunning Swimsuit Pics

Selma Blair / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Selma Blair admits that the things she gets truly excited about have changed over the years, but even though her life has gone in unpredictable directions the actress is staying positive and owning her new accessory fetish for all its worth. The "Cruel Intentions" star took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon to treat her fans to some eye candy while debuting a fancy new cane she received from a friend. As the actress continues to fight multiple sclerosis, she has been regularly seen out walking with the assistance of a cane.

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New Cane, Who Dis?

Selma Blair with a cane
Selma Blair / Instagram

"When I used to get down as a teen, my mom would always offer up the option of buying a new hat. I don’t think I wore hats often but that was the joke. And I would smile," Blair began her message while reflecting on times past.

"Now, what does bring a lift, is a new and iconic cane," she added while showing off a beautiful dark cane with a polished silver handle.

The actress wrote, "When this beauty came to me after my birthday, I dropped real tears of gratitude. I have the chicest canes."

Standing Tall

Selma Blair in swimsuit with cane
Selma Blair / Instagram

The distinguished walking stick was sent to Selma Blair by her friend, and fashion designer, Thom Browne. She thanked him for the beautiful and thoughtful gift and stated, "I will stand tall and use with pride. Thank you to Matt and Kelly. I can’t express in words how much this “support” means to me. To so many. In a way. Such a silver lining."

Selma Blair's over 2 million followers instantly showered her with praise over the social media post, and dropped comments like, "You are so inspiring 🙌 I look up to you a lot."

Sharing Her Story

Selma Blair in a pink suit with a cane
Selma Blair / Instagram

Throughout her battle with MS, ever since her diagnosis, Selma Blair has gone public with how she is reacting to treatment and how her body feels on a daily basis. The actress is an open book, which has broken through to help raise awareness and break the stigma about having uncomfortable conversations around the disease.

Blair has also served as an example of how to push through and lead a happy life, but she has been real about the pain and fears she endures on a daily basis.

Brutally Honest

Selma Blair posing against a wall
Selma Blair / Instagram

Back in February, while dealing with a specifically tough bout of pain and sadness, Selma Blair got raw about her daily life with MS.

"This is the thing. I feel sick. This is what happens. There is no bright light of glamour. Of course. It is long nights. Almost all nights. My muscles in my face and neck are in spasm. Or so tight I can’t even find a way to stretch."

However, she has vowed to stay strong for herself and her family, following up her message with, "But I am not killed by it. I am strong enough not to be taken down any more than the average bear."

Selma Blair is truly an inspiration.

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