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Britney Spears Shockingly Spends $500 A DAY For An In-Home Private Chef!

By Liz Walters

Britney Spears takes her rockin' body seriously, so much so that she spends a shocking $500 a DAY on her own personal chef!

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Britney's dad Jamie Spears is pulling the cover back from many of the pop star's expenses after her lawyer questioned some of the spendings in her accounts.

As you know, all of Britney's expenses must be approved by her conservators and cleared with the court. So, in recent filings with the court, Britney's attorney requested that Britney's case be more transparent with her finances.

One of those items recently declared is the pop star's personal chef, that she employs five days a week!

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Britney Spears Spends $500 A-Day On Chef, More During The Holidays!


According to the new filing, Britney is lucky enough to have a private in-home chef, that costs her $500 a day, and the charges go UP during the holidays.

In the documents, the amount of 'services' rendered by the in-home chef total nearly $100,000 a year in disbursements. The payments are described by Britney's father as "professional fees for Britney's personal chef at a daily rate of $500 for an average of five(5) days per week. During the holidays, the daily rates are higher".

In the filing, a few more items connected to Britney's extravagant spending are outlined, including maintaining several properties in Los Angeles and Louisiana.

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Britney's Louisiana Property's Garden Cost $1,500 A Month To Maintain!


Britney is apparently paying $1,500 a month for charges connected to "landscaping and handyman services" provided for Britney's Louisiana residence. Plus, in October, an "out of scope" payment was made for "extra services provided by at that time and reimbursement for the purchase of equipment related to his services, including flowers and other landscaping materials."

Some garden!

As you know, Britney is well-known for showing off her mind-blowingly hot bikini body (thanks to the chef) and several of them take place poolside at her beautiful estate in Los Angeles.

Well, it costs to maintain the pool including a $75 weekly service plus for pool maintenance supplies and other maintenance expenses such as equipment repairs.

But, There's More!

She Can Afford It!


As we first reported, Britney shelled out over a MILLION dollars in attorney's fees just last year. Plus, according to her accounting Britney pays her father, Jamie Spears $27,000 a month!

Obviously, Britney Spears is a very wealthy celebrity with a massive, and successful career so far, but as we reported, she told her team she does not want to continue performing at this time.

So, Spears' attorney is looking to cut some of the spendings and add a financial advisor as part of her conservatorship team But, if you got it, nothing beats an everyday personal chef!

Plus, as you can see that one is worth it!

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