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Cardi B Says Fans Pay More Attention To Drama From Her And Offset Than When They Speak On Social Issues

Cardi B- Instagram
By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Cardi B got back with Offset earlier this month after her birthday festivities in Las Vegas. This came after she filed for divorce from him last month. 

During the birthday weekend, Offset gifted her a $330,000 Rolls Royce, and the two were also seen kissing. That came after earlier in the weekend, Cardi defended him on social media as she said he's a "dumbass" but not a bad man. 

Many weren't surprised that the divorce was called off, though due to people still believing that she still loved Offset.

Cardi Speaks On How People Ignore The Two Speaking On Social Issues And Wanting More Drama Instead

Offset- Instagram

Offset has been very local in getting people out to the polls to vote in these upcoming crucial elections next week.  One of his latest posts was a Lyft code that helps people get free rides to the polls to vote early from October 24-October 30 from 6AM-8PM. 

Now, Cardi is taking to Instagram to comment on what Offset has been doing but sadly, people just want to hear more drama from the two instead of what's really important in the world. 

Cardi Asks Who Is At Fault Between The Public Or Celebrities For Wanting Drama

Cardi B- Instagram

Cardi emphasized that Offset has posted many times about voting but yet, people aren't focused on that. Instead, some people don't think the two should speak about politics.

"This man has posted ten plus times about voting but the one time he talks about a bag it’s what makes ya go into a frenzy and In deep conversations.I spoke too many times about voting and ya call me “dumb” “ or shut up and stay out politics “When we go on live and talk about society you will see the views go down real fast.

Cardi Also Explained How Drama Trends More On Social Media Than Key Social Issues

Offset- Instagram

"I don’t understand why people be fronting like ya be interested in something and want too see “more celebrities “ invested on social issues but what YAAA MAKE TREND is drama and what buying what and who is getting what?" Cardi added. "So who is at fault the celebs or the public?"

Many people agree with the points that Cardi made in the post. People want celebrities to use their platforms to speak on key issues in the country but then end up picking and choosing who should do that.

Cardi Is Also Making Headlines For Uplifting Women In Midst Of Viral Birkin Bag Debates

Cardi B- Instagram

Cardi B spoke a few nights ago on Instagram about how people are discussing who can afford Hermes Birkin bag debates. Instead, she took a different direction and shouted out women who still rock other nice handbags and outfits from non-high-end designer bags. 

She also praised women who pull off nice outfits from brands such as Zara, H&M, and Zara. In the end though, she appears to be happy with Offset again and divorce is of the table. 

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