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Ireland Baldwin poses at an event

Ireland Baldwin Criticized In Only Pants While Full-Frontal From Pool

gotpap/ / MEGA
By Rebecca Cukier

Ireland Baldwin fully topless, full-frontal, and facing the camera from her pool has sparked backlash. The 24-year-old model and daughter to Hollywood heavyweight Alec Baldwin made headlines ahead of the weekend for showing she'd voted by posing in only her pants and from her L.A. home's pool – while the cleavage display was full-on, the post joking about "disproportionate boobs" was not breaking Instagram's rules, with Ireland wearing "I VOTED" nipple pasties. The blonde has, however, sparked major criticism for her display. Check it out below.

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Showing She Voted, In Her Own Way

Ireland Baldwin poses for a bedroom selfie

Scroll for the photos. They come as Ireland continues to make headlines while celebrating six years free of anorexia and bulimia – Ireland has admitted that turning down so many sides of fries wasn't worth it.

The snaps, definitely tongue-in-cheek, showed Ireland in her pool and thigh deep. The model wore only a khaki pair of cargo pants, initially seen with hands in her pockets. The assets, definitely on show, came protected by red, blue, and white stickers showing Baldwin had voted early.

Called An Attention Seeker

Ireland Baldwin poses topless in pants from her pool

Keep scrolling for more photos. While Ireland had fans predicting backlash – "I wonder how weird strangers on Instagram will get upset about this" was the top comment – the predicted haters did arrive.

Over 110 users liked a comment reading: "Praise to god that you were born rich... Otherwise you’d be starving with such talent..."

Others, meanwhile, suggested that posing topless and being a celebrity equals having no awareness of politics – clearly the trolls were alive and well as one fan said:

"She seeks attention for the sake of seeking attention. What does this uneducated dimwit know about politics???"

Caption Talks 'Disproportionate Boobs'

Ireland Baldwin poses topless in pants from her pool

Ireland didn't just prove she'd voted – FYI, she hates Trump, so you can count it Biden. She joked about her assets, writing "Voting is cool and so are disproportionate boobs."

Ireland, who has been embracing her post-eating disorder curves, was quickly sent the thumbs-up for the physique – the abs got noticed – but for this star, it's deeper. Ireland continues to joke about weight, but the model wielding a kitchen knife with unzipped jeans and amid kitchen Cheetos this year reminded fans that behind the getting "fat" in quarantine jokes, someone has suffered underneath.

Back-Up Arrives

Ireland Baldwin poses in lingerie in her kitchen

Ireland, regularly a target for trolls, and this year slammed over her "period bloat" video, was, however, backed.

"Um wtf? ," one fan replied, adding: "Women aren’t objects, they can do what they want with their body and you have no right to tell anybody what they do with their life."

The user then called the OP "childish and foolish. This post was bringing attention to the fact she voted. It also brings attention to the fact it’s ok to have disproportionate boobs as most women have them," they added.

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