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'Jersey Shore' Star Angelina Pivarnick Undergoes 'Bandaid Butt Lift,' See The Shocking Results!

By Mike Walters

'Jersey Shore' star Angelina Pivarnick just went under the knife to enhance her backside, and not only did it work wonders, but the reality star also shared ALL the stripped-down results with the world!

The 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' star underwent a procedure called a "Bandaid Butt Lift" which involved injecting the buttocks with fillers that help shape your booty without having to recover from abrasive surgery! Plus, it apparently does wonders on that pesky cellulite that plagues us all!

Angelina shared a before and after photo of her booty surgery along with a description of the entire process -- and it looks like she is ready to let the twerking loose!!

You Gotta See This!

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"I wanted to share these results with everyone.. For those of you that know me very well you know that I always like to be truthful and I love to tell it straight. I was a little weary to post this because sometimes people can be haters and say some mean and cruel comments on my page. I am still a human at the end of the day so please if you have nothing nice to say refrain from saying it. I am human and I have cellulite like many people. I am not perfect. These results from @tutelaps BANDAID BUTTLIFT are AMAZING!! This pic is after session number two. Altogether I had three sessions! Everyone’s different," Angelina began.

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'Jersey Shore' Star's Body Is Bangin!


Angelina has been sharing hot shots of the work in progress for weeks, including smoking hot lingerie photos showcasing the rest of her amazing body!

"It took a few weeks to show results after each session. An updated picture is coming after all three sessions completed next week. I cannot believe how amazing my new butt looks," she said.

Adding, I am not a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift so @tutelaps and I discussed injections and I’m sooo happy I did this. He is amazing and he knew what would look best on me!! For anyone that is suffering from volume loss or hip dips and you don’t have enough fat to transfer to your butt then this is a great option for you!!"

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"Painless and quick. U will love it. ❤️❤️" Angelina concluded. you can see, she looks amazing!

You can imagine, reality show fans had a ton of opinions about the subject and lit up her social media to let their voices be heard.

"Yo, my rule is EVERYONE GETS TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT WITH THEIR BODY. Everyone is gonna have an opinion but as long as you're happy and doing what you want and you're not hurting anyone that's all that matters. You do you. The results are great too! 💪❤️ ," one person wrote.

"At a certain point just stop!!! U can get better results at the gym and that’s free 💪🏻," another added.

Either way, she looks GREAT! And, we can't wait for the next 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' -- we are guessing everyone will let her hear it!!

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