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Kelly Ripa in a floral dress

Kelly Ripa Shows Massive Eggs Appetite While Flaunting Tiny Waist

By Rebecca Cukier

Kelly Ripa just got filmed backstage big-time craving breakfast eggs. The 50-year-old "Live! With Kelly and Ryan" host, this fall told she "needs a sandwich" as fans feared for her weight, has been proving that the sight of someone else's breakfast can make her jealous. Tuesday brought Kelly and 45-year-old co-host Ryan Seacrest being, as usual, filmed making their way onto the set, with the former "All My Children" actress unable to resist a peek as she spotted producer Michael Gelman's tailor-made breakfast. Check it out below.

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Producer Gets Eggs, She Wants In

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest walking backstage

Scroll for the video. Kelly, a pint-sized 5ft 2 inches and boasting one of the tiniest waists in Hollywood, had been filmed making her way through backstage corridors with "American Idol" host Ryan. A coffee station just before the set entry – staffed by a masked crew member – attracted the blonde's attention.

Kelly, wearing a chic, floral print midi dress and sky-high stilettos, said: "Did you see??? Gelman gets his own meal!"

Kelly and Ryan then both stopped to see what their exec producer gets.

'Did You See That Gelman Gets His Own Meal?'

Kelly Ripa walking backstage

Kelly, getting Ryan to look too, had the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" producer trying to guess what Gelman gets – "nuts" was Ryan's guess.

"Oh, it says Gelman's meal," Kelly replied, with the twosome then revealing that hard-boiled eggs are on the menu. But not for Kelly or Ryan – he said the eggs smell "good," with Kelly then seen rubbing her stomach.

Kelly was, however, busy sucking on her usual morning Fireball – she says it makes her breath stink, but the immunity-boosting powers make it worth it. More after the video.

Ryan Ditches Her For Two Days Amid Massive Health Scare

Ryan Seacrest poses in pajamas and sneakers
Ryan Seacrest poses

Kelly and Ryan both fronted media outlets last week after Kelly was left in the lurch – for two days straight. Ryan took one day "off," but the second day's absence sparked mass concern as it was revealed he was awaiting the results of a COVID test. Seacrest, filmed without a mask during an "American Idol" video and reported to have been suffering from a "minimal cough," then returned to the set, breaking his silence. Scroll for what he had to say.

Ryan's COVID Scare

Ryan Seacrest poses looking sheepish

Ryan, back to normal, first thanked Kelly for holding down the fort during his absence.

"Thank you for covering," he told Ripa adding: "Following strict protocol, got the negative test results for COVID. Makes you feel very good."

Kelly reassured Ryan, saying: "I didn't have any doubts."

September marked the end of a 180-day stint of quarantine-set video streaming as "Live!" kept COVID-safe. The twosome, returning in full hazmat suits and World War II-style gas masks, are now seated six feet apart, with Kelly revealing that no-one's allowed on set unless they've cleared the COVID test.

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