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Jeannie Mai poses in a snakeskin top

Jeannie Mai Sparks 'Turnaround' Requests In Skimpy Spandex Before 'DWTS'

By Rebecca Cukier

Jeannie Mai is getting asked to "turn around" after a jaw-dropping photo of the TV personality landed on her Instagram ahead of this week's "Dancing With the Stars" airing. The 41-year-old, still in the running on Season 29 of the hit competition series, updated her Instagram before the weekend with a snap showing her headed to rehearsals. The "How Do I Look?" makeover show host and "The Real" face had her insanely-fit figure on show, but something else was turning heads. Check it out below.

Showing Off The Killer Body

Jeannie Mai poses in a denim swimsuit and hat on a chair

Scroll for the photo. Jeannie, who jokes she's "Living Mai Dream on DWTS" in her Instagram bio, had posted a side shot of herself. Bathed in sunlight and looking rock-hard, the star was seen in skintight and skimpy peach spandex leggings, plus a matching sports bra as she walked while on the phone and with her hair in pigtails.

There was an accessory, though. The Fabletics athleisurewear had been paired with a giant green holdall, and it looks like fans had nothing else to talk about.

Keep Scrolling For The Shot!

Jeannie Mai poses

Jeannie had taken to her caption, writing: "Every week at #DWTS rehearsals, I get to wear my fashionable sets. I'm in luvvv with the feel & look😍 And right now you can get leggings for the colder season coming up!"

Jeannie's 2.3 million followers didn't give two squats about the discount code closing the caption. They wanted to see the other side of the bag.

"I remember this bag from Hello Hunnay!!!! Flip the back around 😂!!! Only people who watch will know! " was the top comment kicking things off.

Turn Around Or GTFO

Jeannie Mai poses by a bathtub for an Olay promo

The comments just kept on coming – and bear in mind, this star's fans don't stop, with Jeannie's first week on "DWTS" seeing requests for her to do a "WAP" dance right on-set.


"You made sure you use the bag on the right side 🤣," another added.

Jeannie had shown off the bag on October 9 while rocking up to rehearsals – the "Transformers" top she'd worn to cover the sports bra was gone for this one, though. Scroll for more.

Remembering Humble Immigrant Heritage

Jeannie Mai poses on a bed with her grandma

Mai, born in the U.S., is of Vietnamese descent, raised by a Vietnamese mother and Chinese father. Ahead of last week's airing, t[he star posed for an adorable snap with her grandma, writing:

"If it weren't for my grandmother and the perseverance of my family, I would not exist. Tonight, I dance for the millions of Vietnamese refugees and "boat people" who risked their lives in search of freedom by coming to this country. "

"I am honored to share how my grandparents plotted their escape from communism and how my Uncle Jessie rescued the family at sea," she added.

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