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Getting silly together

Ryan Seacrest Gags Kelly Ripa With $50 'Hen Bag'

By Whitney Vasquez

Ryan Seacrest made up for leaving Kelly Ripa high and dry on their morning show just days after her 50th birthday. The 45-year-old "American Idol" host kicked off another week of "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" by giving his co-host a hilarious gag gift for her belated b-day present.

Kelly Ripa was shocked when Ryan Seacrest gave her a giant gift to open on-air during Monday's episode, just one week after he was mysteriously absent while waiting for his COVID-19 results.

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Ditching Kelly On LIVE:

All smiles backstage

As The Blast reported, Ryan Seacrest missed work on Monday and Tuesday, and the network decided to keep the reasoning under wraps. This caused many viewers to speculate that he might be at home and sick with COVID. When he returned on Wednesday, Ryan Seacrest addressed his "LIVE" audience revealing that he tested negative for COVID-19.

"Thank you for covering, following the strict protocol,” he told his co-host, Kelly Ripa. “Got the negative test results for COVID. Makes you feel very good.”

Negative COVID Results:

Tie-dye baby

Kelly Ripa then addressed Seacrest and made it clear that she “didn’t have any doubts” about her co-host's condition. One week later, it's business as usual for the TV duo with Kelly and Ryan even having a marriage-sized squabble backstage ahead of today's program.

Ryan Seacrest made it up to Kelly Ripa when he presented the hilarious gift to her later in the segment. Revealing it was supposed to come in time for her 50th birthday, Kelly got a kick out of the present.

It's a HEN BAG!

Kelly with her hen bag

"Everybody's talking about it. Everybody wants one. They're hard to get," Ryan Seacrest teased to which Kelly Ripa joked, "Why do I feel like this is going to be an endless disappointment?" Thankfully, she wasn't disappointed at all.

After opening Ryan Seacrest's gift, Kelly Ripa burst out laughing before pulling out a handbag in the shape of a giant hen. "That is the hen bag!" her co-host yelled. Ryan Seacrest wasn't joking when he said this bag was hard to get.

You Can Match Kelly For $49.95!


The hen bag is available on Amazon Prime for the impressive price tag of $49.95 but it won't be to your door this week. The delivery states the purse will arrive just before Thanksgiving, sometime between November 14-17. The rubber bag features the face of a chicken complete with a beak and all.

Despite it not being a Hermés, Kelly Ripa got a kick out of her belated birthday gift. It definitely made up for ditching her to host solo last week.

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