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Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha Goes From 'Beautiful To Ugly' To Make Your Day Better

By Jeff Mazzeo

It's hard to believe but Bebe Rexha managed to make her face look... not so cute, all in the name of humor!

The funny singer shared a shocking clip on Monday. Bebe did a little skit set to the lyrics from her song with Doja Cat, "Baby I'm Jealous." Her first verse features a quick line that says, "Went from beautiful to ugly." Rexha acted out that one line while moving the camera way too close to her face.

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Serving Face


As we previously mentioned, the star was just trying to elicit a few laughs from her millions of followers.

"Happy Monday," she simply captioned the funny video.

Droves of Rexhars sounded off about how happy the clip made them and how much they hate the start of a new week.

"Omg😂😂😽😽," a shocked fan commented while another said, "I am dead......"

"I hate Monday," a moody follower wrote.

All of them seemed to agree that she looks good with red hair... even it the camera is all up in her face.

"Bebe you look really stunning in this red hair," a fan said.

Rackin' Up Views

Bebe Rexha in a tank top.

Rexha celebrated the tremendous success of "Baby I'm Jealous" after the colorful music video reached a big YouTube milestone last week.

"Celebrating 20 million views of the Baby I’m jealous music video. Thank youuuuu," she wrote alongside a sultry pic.

We would guess that she racked up at least $25K from YouTube's ads... which is pretty darn good for only less than a month old. The beautiful thing about her music video is that it will continue to make money for a long, long time.

Social Media Stars


Bebe pulled off a brilliant marketing move by featuring some very popular social media stars in her elaborate video. The "Baby I'm Jealous" vid featured TikTok stars Charli D'Amelio and Avani Gregg as well as makeup YouTuber Nikita Dragun.

Charli even got Bebe to participate in a few viral videos, including an ASMR where they eat Pop Rocks.

"It's like an explosion in my mouth," Bebe exclaimed in a whispering voice.

They also created a pretty sweet dance for the song because every song needs a dance now apparently.

Going Red

Bebe Rexha in a stained tank top.

Bebe never wastes a good piece of content so she made sure that she recoded the whole process when she dyed her hair red last month... and we are glad she did! She let the pink-tinted water run down her chest and soak through her white shirt.

"New me 🔥 watcha think?" Rexha captioned her titillating video at the time.

Many fans were shocked that she doesn't have a hairstylist.

"I am amazed as a celebrity that you’re doing this yourself rather than a stylist," a shocked follower commented.

"Looks amazing on you but what about that poor top," a sympathetic fan wrote.

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