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Kelly ripa poses looking coy

Kelly Ripa Admits Having Two Husbands In Tight Skirt & Stilettos

By Rebecca Cukier

Kelly Ripa shocked fans today with her backstage babbling. The "Live! With Kelly and Ryan" host was filmed backstage – per usual – as she and co-host Ryan Seacrest geared up to wish America good morning on Monday, with the 50-year-old talking husbands. Kelly has been married to 49-year-old "Riverdale" actor Mark Consuelos since 1996, with the long-term and much-loved couple sharing three children. Mark, currently 3,000 miles away from his wife as he shoots in Vancouver might want to see what his wife had to say today. Check it out below.

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The Husband Everyone Knows

Mark Consuelos floating in a pool

Scroll for the video. Kelly and 45-year-old Ryan had been filmed making their way through backstage corridors and onto the set. Kelly, looking snazzy as usual, was showing off her tiny waist in a tight black skirt and chic red blouse, also rocking her signature stiletto heels.

Talk was about meat. Kelly revealed she'd made a "meat dinner" for her family – they always ask for meat – although the former "All My Children" actress admitted:

"There was meat, it had meat it it. I don't eat meat as you know."

It's Like Having 'Two Husbands'

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos walking backstage

Ryan, also seen, did make headlines for ignoring Kelly during part of their ish-conversation, but he did reply, asking why Kelly "tortures" herself making food she doesn't eat.

It was when Ryan seemingly started to ignore Kelly that she got exasperated, though. "Because the kids came home for Sunday dinner," she replied, although when Ryan just wandered off, she rolled her eyes, saying: "He doesn't listen. He's like my other husband."

Ryan is, himself, massively in the news right now for abandoning Kelly for two days straight, one of them seeing him undergo a COVID test. More after the video.

24 Years With This Guy

Kelly Ripa poses on the red carpet with Mark Consuelos

Kelly and Mark seem living proof that a Hollywood marriage can last. The couple, raising sons Michael and Joaquin, plus 19-year-old daughter Lola Grace sandwiched between her brothers, have been making mad headlines for Kelly talking about her husband's penis size. This came after the "packing meat" photo Kelly posted on her Instagram as she showcased her hunky husband's healthy-looking package.

Kelly, who has compared her marriage to a marathon, also isn't above dishing the sex secrets keeping her love life spicy.

Dishes On Sex Life With Husband Mark

Kelly Ripa poses seated in a short dress and heels

In April, Kelly spoke openly about her marriage, even dishing that she likes to keep it varied between the sheets.

"We learned each other well and with that comes a certain level of comfort, and competence, and experimentation and just fun. We have fun. We enjoy it," she said.

Meanwhile, the constant Instagram flirting between this couple, combined with the "thirst trap" photos Kelly posts of Mark have left NYU student daughter Lola "disgusted." In fact, fans seeing Kelly's recent naked bed snap with her shirtless husband even had fans basically waiting for Lola to comment.

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