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Willow Smith

Willow Smith Kisses Her Kitty During Bendy Yoga Pose

By Jeff Mazzeo

Willow Smith is extremely passionate about two things... yoga and her adorable kitty cat!

The beautiful singer was just trying to contort her body beyond the limits of what’s humanly possible on Sunday but her cute cat had other ideas. Willow stood on her hands and pressed herself against a sliding glass door as she bent over backward. While she was fully stretched out, her cat walked up and gave her a kiss on the lips!

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Pucker Up

Willow Smith with her cat.

She finally got her cat to lie down and she was able to complete her pose.

"Tryna work on back flexibility but my kitty just won't leave me alone,” Willow wrote. “There’s lots of progress to be made.”

The flexible star also posted an insane pose to her IG feed that made it difficult to differentiate her arms from her legs. Smith looked skinny as a needle, as Britney Spears would say.

"Time to awaken and ask ... <why and when>,” she wrote alongside the unbelievable pose.

Willow’s millions of fans sounded off about how impressive the yoga move was... and about how great she looked.

"Willow is more elastic than stretch armstrong😂❤️,” one complimentary follower wrote while another said, “😍😍😍you've grown so much.”

”They ask my why I’m overly obsessed with Willow Smith 🧐🥰 Do you see this Goddess? ❤️” a third fan commented.

Serving Face

Willow Smith's fresh faced selfie.

The young singer showed off her fresh face earlier in the day and complained about how much traveling she’s been doing. Her piercing eyes and numerous piercings were on full display as she stared into the camera.

"Jet lag is my new religion,” she wrote on her beautiful selfie.

We know that her mom, Jada Pinkett Smith is in Germany filming “The Matrix 4,” so perhaps Willow flew overseas to be with her for a little bit.

Awoken Fro

Willow Smith's fro.

We hate to ruin the fantasy but we are pretty sure the braids that she's been sporting are not natural. Smith seems to be enjoying the flexibility of switching up her hairstyle but she expressed how proud of her fro she was last month.

"The fro has been <awoken>," she captioned a beautiful picture of herself.

Earlier this week, she was rocking the same hairstyle but accessorized with a cool hair pick.

She’s a Miley Stan


It’s no secret that Willow shreds on the guitar and is one of the most talented artists around but she decided to tribute to another influential star earlier this month. She jammed a mystery Miley Cyrus song and asked her fans if they recognized the tune. The music wasn’t easy to name because she added her own funky flair.

"Who can guess what <Miley Cyrus> song this is? I added a couple passing tones and riffs to make it less obvious 🤓,” Willow wrote.

"Love love love," the real Miley Cyrus wrote as she left a ❤️ heart emoji.

"you’re an icon," Willow quickly responded.

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