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Diddy's New Girlfriend, Tina Louise, Is 'Flawless' Topless In Tiny Lingerie

By Mike Walters

Diddy's new girlfriend, Tina Louise, has been deemed 'flawless' after sharing a stunning set of photos, including one where she is what we like to call -- Instagram safe topless!

The Australian 'Maxim' model just posted several eye-popping pictures on IG where she is posing down in skimpy white and blue lingerie, and this will give you a clear view of what might have drawn the Hip-Hop mogul towards the stunner!

The best part is Tina included an extreme close up shot where you can get a look at her beautiful body art....and everything else!

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See The 'Flawless' Lingerie Photos!


"And I've never loved a darker blue, Than the darkness I have known in you 💙," Tina captioned the mind-blowing photos!

Well, as you can see, the lingerie Louise is sporting is blue...but there is not much of it. The supermodel is decked out in a sheer bra and thong-style set which is see-through in all the right places!

"No matter how much or how little clothing you have on. the energy you radiate is so wild. proves you love your self to be so confident," one fan pointed out. Another added, "You leave me speechless, and sometimes it's Twice a day you are Flawlessly Perfect from head to TOES and those TOES OMG..😍😍😍😍😍😍💯💯💯💯💯."

See The Hot Shots!



Scroll For The Eye-Popping Topless Photo! Tina Louise shot to top-tier famous status after being connected to several A-list celebrities in the past few months.

As we reported, Tina was recently spotted making out with Hip-Hop mogul Diddy, while hanging out in Malibu, California. Photographers caught up with the new couple as they lounged on the sand and shared a kiss. But, at one point, Diddy pulled up a towel to cover the duo so they could get a little more down and dirty!

Check Out The Mind-Blowing Topless Shot!

The 'Instagram Safe' Topless Shot!!



Tina Louise knows exactly what is just safe enough to not be censored on Instagram, but sexy enough to leave you breathless. In the last photo of the set, the model tossed the top part of her outfit and posed fully-topless. Plus, she used an editing tool to make sure not EVERYTHING was exposed, but it is good enough!

"The Australian bombshell. Vegan looks good on you my friend. Happy, joyous and free. ❤️" one person commented. Oh ya, the gorgeous model owns a vegan taco restaurant in Los Angeles. Clearly, it does a body good!

Diddy is the luckiest guy ever! Or just the smartest?!

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