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Savannah Chrisley Calls Trump & Biden 'Liars' In Since-Deleted Post

By Whitney Vasquez

Savannah Chrisley made her political view be known prior to tonight's debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Taking to her social media just hours prior to their face-off, the 23-year-old "Chrisley Knows Best" star called out POTUS and the former V.P., calling both Trump and Biden "liars" as well as every politician.

In the since-deleted post, Savannah addressed her 2.2 million Instagram followers on Thursday, saying that we must show one another respect despite our different political views.

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Who Is She Voting For?

Long hair don't care

While Savannah Chrisley did not disclose if she planned on voting red or blue, the TV personality reposted a lengthy political statement that her bestie wrote only to delete it moments later after fans sounded off in her comment section.

The message began with her friend asking, "If someone is a kind person, good citizen, neighbor, friend, is not hateful... & you change your mind about them and everything they've done for you and with you... over a political party?"

Says All Politicians Are 'Liars'

In her lightening shirt

Savannah Chrisley then put her own spin on the now-deleted political message, writing, "I am way less concerned with who you vote for than I am with how you treat the people that vote differently than you."

She went on to explain, "One of my bestfriends [sic] @blainebowen wrote this that I am posting... I want you to think about this as you watch the debate tonight and are fighting amongst peers because of their political beliefs." Savannah then went off in the comments.

See Her Deleted Post:

Her since-deleted post

"I WANT EVERYONE TO HAVE THE HUMAN RIGHTS THEY DESERVE," she clapped back at a hater. "All I am saying is politics [sic] are liars. All of them... it's how they become successful. So I just encourage everyone to be WONDERFUL human beings and love and support one another." Savannah Chrisley later clarified she meant all "politicians" are liars, including Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Fans immediately sounded off in her comment section, with some coming for Savannah. That's when she deleted the entire post.

Todd Chrisley Talks Politics:

Savannah with her dad

She's not the only Chrisley who has spoken out about politics in recent years. Her father Todd Chrisley didn't hold back when Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton faced off in the 2016 election.

“I think when we have a choice between choosing with Hillary [Clinton] and Donald [Trump], were up sh--t’s creek without a paddle” he said. “I certainly believe fundamentally that in order for this country to overcome and evolve, we have to come together and be one. You cannot continue to divide. I think that’s when we get in trouble with this country — we try to divide people … I think at this point right now to ask me who I’m going to vote for, I cannot tell you.”

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