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Jessica Simpson poses in a black outfit

Jessica Simpson Risks 100-Pound Weight Loss With Halloween Candy Binge

By Rebecca Cukier

Jessica Simpson may seriously need to count the calories all over again after a giant Halloween candy stash was shared to her clothing brand's Instagram this week. The 40-year-old singer and actress famously dropped 100 pounds after welcoming third baby Birdie Mae in 2019, but it's all about moderation for the "Dukes of Hazzard" star who has admitted she will treat herself to mac and cheese. Jessica, clearly eyeing up Halloween on October 31, is now all kitted out with the annual festival's sweet treats. Check it out below.

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Showing Off The Stash

Jessica Simpson in the street in a dress and heels

Scroll for the photo. The above one dates back to 2019, when Jessica first admitted to tipping the scales at 240 pounds, then confessing that the figure was in the "high two hundreds."

The cheat stash, all decorated with an open-mouthed owl and forming a mountain of candy, included traditional orange candy corn, RIP tombstones made of cookies, plus autumnal M&Ms, popcorn, and big oreos with decorative eyes to add pop and the scare factor. Pretzel decor and plenty of sugar was what fans saw, but the singer's updates continue to show that whittled-down waist.

Allows Herself Mac And Cheese After 100-Pound Drop

Jessica Simpson poses topless in jeans on the beach

Jessica has been opning up about her weight-loss journey, which saw her walk up to 10,000 steps a day to shift the weight, alongside following a calorie-controlled diet full of eggs, egg whites, and cauliflower.

"I personally don’t stay away from foods if I want something, I’ll have some of it, but I’m good at putting it down. I mean, listen, I have kids, so if I want, I eat like a kid. I like corn dogs and mac and cheese – you don’t limit yourself," she told Hollywood Life this year.

Admits Sick Of Cauliflower And Eggs

Jessica Simpson baking with her daughter at home

Jessica, an avid baker, has also admitted she can barely stomach eggs or cauliflower any more after her weight-loss diet came packed with the foods.

"I literally only like eggs in a cake," she added, with her Instagram showing the cake-baking. Earlier this year, Jessica marked Memorial Day Weekend by baking with 8-year-old daughter Maxwell. The star is also raising son Ace, plus 1-year-old Birdie Mae.

As to fan reactions, they've been either side of the fence. Jessica wowed fans with her poolside yoga body this summer, but she was called "way too skinny" for that True Religion jeans snap.

Called 'Way Too Skinny' On 40th Birthday

Jessica Simpson poses for a home selfie in jeans

Jessica turned 40 in July, choosing to mark the final hours of her thirties by slipping back into a 14-year-old pair of True Religion jeans. The Jessica Simpson Style founder quickly sparked reactions as fans called her "way too skinny," with one user even saying: "This is the look of anorexia."

Simpson has admitted burning the calories is still on her mind, but it isn't obsessive.

“I like to like track my steps, keep myself accountable, and to just know my movement throughout the day. If I haven’t moved enough, I’ll make sure and get in extra steps the next day. For me, it’s moderation – I don’t put too much pressure on myself.”

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