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Nastia Liukin

Gymnast Nastia Liukin’s Little Black Dress Highlights Her Gold Medal-Winning Legs

By Jeff Mazzeo

Nastia Liukin is redefining the little black dress!

The fashionable Olympic champion flaunted her style and long legs on Wednesday. She wore a tight black dress that featured long sleeves and a cinched bottom as she snapped the sultry selfie. Nastia tied the whole look together with a pair of chic white sneakers. The star's straight blonde hair was pulled back to show off the giant diamond earrings. While she fully owned her outfit, she gave inspiration credit to her favorite Spice Girl.

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Spice Up Your Life

Nastia Liukin in a black dress.

"posh spice reporting for duty 🎤,” she captioned the posh selfie.

Her millions of fashionista followers sounded off about her spicy dress.

"That dress really looks good on u," one stylish fan commented while another said, "Kicks are 🔥🔥🔥."

Many others just wanted to send love to the star for her winning personality.

"Oh my Lord you are so beautiful I love your long legs,” a crude follower said. “The spice is right.”

"You are so kind, humble and down to earth Nastia, your approach to life is refreshing!!❤️😊,” a third fan wrote.

Don't Judge


Love, adoration, and millions of followers also come with a great number of haters and Nastia sent a message to all naysayers on Thursday.

"thursday thoughts: don’t judge a book (person) by its cover (Instagram)," she wrote on social media.

She has been very open in the past about how DMs and comments can really get her down but she's not afraid of putting people on blast. Last week, she posted a shameful message that was sent to her.

"This week I got a DM that really triggered me in so many ways (swipe to see the screenshot) it made me feel: defeated, pissed, sad, annoyed, confused, shocked, and many other feelings," she wrote before ending her statement with a message of love.

Killer Boots

Nastia Liukin in an all-black outfit.

Liukin never underestimated the impact of fancy footwear! Earlier this week, she laced up a black pair of combat boots that matched her stylish greaser ensemble.

Her influencer career is booming so she has to make sure she "brings it" during her numerous meetings with brands and designers. Nastia noted that she is never late to a scheduled appointment.

"early for a meeting… how on brand of me,” she wrote alongside her all-black look.

Mooving Fashion Forward

Nastia Liukin in cow-print leggings.

The gold medal-winning gymnast doesn’t compete anymore but she still takes her fitness very seriously. Some fans were really mooved by her cow-print leggings and sports bra. Nastia shared a few pics of her Zoom workout with her trainer and expressed the importance of working out.

"One thing I never say no to is my daily workout. It boosts my mood, and gives me the mental clarity to get through the day’s tasks. Something good about 2020? I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. For real. I’ve been loving finding new personal trainers to work out with,” she wrote.

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