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Chanel West Coast

Chanel West Coast Opens Up About Not Being Accepted As A Rapper

By Jeff Mazzeo

Chanel West Coast got real about the "resistance" she's faced in the rap game on Tuesday.

The "No Plans" singer appeared on Angela Yee's podcast, "Lip Service" and was very candid about her past relationships, filming during a pandemic, and why people had a hard time accepting her rap skills. She revealed that her new album will feature more singing than ever before and that her writing style has evolved into a brand new sound. Chanel also gave potential love interests tips about how to get her attention... it was quite the interview!

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Facing Resistance

Chanel West Coast in a multi-colored dress.

"I've had a lot of resistance as a rapper," Chanel admitted. "I've had a lot of producers and people tell me 'Maybe you should sing more."

The "Ridiculousness" star continued to say that she's honed her skills recently and learned to write lyrics in a more melodic way but Angela's co-host circled back to why she has faced so much hate.

"I think that cause I'm on these shows that are really happy, giggling and laughing a lot. Obviously, if you are hanging around Rob Dyrdek and Steelo you are going to be laughing and happy 24/7."

"I think that a lot of people were confused, like, 'why is this girl a rapper', what's your struggle, where do you come from," she explained. "People don't know that I've been rapping since I was a brokea**.

"Being on TV... it makes people look at you in a different light.

Weezy Put Her On

Chanel West Coast and Lil Wayne.

Chanel got her start in music with the help of Lil Wayne. He signed her to Young Money Entertainment in 2012 and she released her mixtape, "Now You Know" that featured all of Wayne's famous friends. She expressed her gratitude to the star during a 2013 interview with Billboard.

"He gives you the freedom to do what you want and be creative and then he gives his official approval later on," she told the music magazine at the time.

She described meeting Weezy for the first time.

"I went to Miami, played him my music, and I just remember him after my one song… I played him a track and he sat back and said, 'Man that shit was stupid.' I was like, ‘Yo. Wanye thought that shit was stupid.’ As soon as he said that, I knew I was in."

Her Ideal Man

Chanel West Coast in a black corset.

After discussing her new music, she was asked about her ideal guy and her perfect date. Her answer may or may not surprise you.

"I've basically dated every race on the planet. I've had a Mexican boyfriend, a black boyfriend, a Scottish boyfriend," she said. "I really don't have a type but makes me attracted is somebody funny."

"My friends will also joke... "I've might have had an ugly boyfriend before but I thought he was so funny and dope."

Chanel also stated that the next guy that gives her "the big O" twice will be her next soulmate.

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