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Posing in her two-piece

Sommer Ray Drops It Like It's Hot With Sexy Squat Sequence

By Whitney Vasquez

Sommer Ray is flaunting what she's got and we ain't mad at her! The newly turned 24-year-old fitness model showed off her plump backside when she squatted low with an impressive gym sequence. Taking to her social media, the bootylicious bombshell put all eyes on her plump backside in a mind-blowing video that's left her followers talking.

Dressing her jaw-dropping curves in nothing but an itty bitty sports bra and matching the hot workout look with tight spandex, Sommer Ray showed everyone why she's the fitness queen.

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Fitness Mode Activated!

Full service in her mustang

Flaunting her flat toned abs, the star drew attention to her booty by slipping on a pair of black camo print pants with colorful butterflies all over them. Making her Instagram followers stop scrolling immediately, Sommer Ray proved that to obtain her tight buns it takes a whole lot of work.

Getting into full workout mode on Wednesday, October 21, the IG influencer dropped it like it's hot while squatting an awe-inspiring amount of weight.

Scroll to see Sommer Ray's impressive squatting skills!

The Smoking Hot Squat Video!

Mellow yellow in her thong

Her friend, who was filming their day at the gym, shocked everyone when she showed a close-up of the heavyset Sommer Ray was squatting. In the gym clip, the model is seen squatting a whopping 200 pounds with ease!

Listening to her music with her hair in a messy bun on the top of her head, the model showcased her crazy fitness skills and her workout buddy was impressed. Fans immediately began double-tapping Sommer Ray's squat video and commenting on her amazing backside.

Thurst Game At Peak!

Posing in next to nothing

"That thrust game," one person wrote to which Sommer Ray even complimented herself by writing, "hahha thrust game strong." Another fan called the model a "beast" in the gym while someone else commented that she's "So fit," adding, "I love u sommer."

Sommer Ray has been showing off her fit frame lately and her followers can't get enough. Making her butt pop in a teeny tiny white dress, the star stopped to do an impromptu photoshoot and her booty was the center focus.

Stunting With Her 'Thunder Thighs'

Showing off her thickness

Giving her fans a 360 view of her beautiful body, Sommer Ray joked that not only her curves are a lot to handle but so is her mood. "My moods don’t just swing.. they bounce, pivot, recoil, rebound, oscillate, fluctuate & occasionally pirouette," she captioned the stunning braless shots.

Days later, she flaunted her "thunder thighs" by slipping into a tight black bodysuit and, of course, had to show off her sizzling backside from behind while wearing a thong that was so small it looked like floss.

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