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Kelly Ripa behind scenes in studio

Ryan Seacrest's Return Leaves Bad Taste In Kelly Ripa's Mouth

LIVE With Kelly and Ryan / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are reunited back on their morning show after a negative COVID-19 test allowed Seacrest back in the studio, but Ripa wasn't having the best morning after an unfortunate taste invaded her mouth. The "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" hosts were seen Wednesday morning striding down the hall of ABC Studios in New York as they made their way into the studio for their popular morning show. While Seacrest had a genuine pep in his step, Ripa was clearly distracted by multiple senses going off in displeasure.

Too Much?

Kelly Ripa in hallway
LIVE With Kelly and Ryan / Instagram

The newly-turned 50-year-old TV star was visibly upset as she walked down the hall trailing behind Ryan Seacrest, and even caught the attention of the "American Idol" host, who asked his co-host what was wrong.

Ripa explained she had taken a zinc and ginger lozenge to help loosen up her throat before the show, and was having an adverse reaction to it.

"It's really powerful and it melts the hairs out of my nose ... and off of my chest!" Ripa explained as she passed by the coffee guy on her way into the studio.

Fans Excited for Seacrest's Return

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest in studio
LIVE With Kelly and Ryan / Instagram

Luckily, Kelly Ripa was able to power through her throat lozenge and had a great return show with Ryan Seacrest. Fans were also delighted to see the TV host return after he took a couple days off dealing with another sickness.

"I never seen Ryan looking this handsome keep it up Ryan love the beard and the color is perfect keep it up pleaseeeee," one fan wrote on Instagram.

"So glad you are ok Ryan!! You were missed!" a second fan commented.

The Show Must Go On

LIVE With Kelly and Ryan / Instagram

Kelly Ripa's week started off on shaky ground as it was revealed that Ryan Seacrest would not be showing up to tape. No explanation was given to his absence, and many fans began theorizing about Seacrest's whereabouts, as well as bringing up a recent flu shot as a possible reason for taking time off.

"LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" answered everyone's question the following day, however, when they revealed that Seacrest had tested negative for COVID-19 and was slated to return to work the following day.

Holding It Down

Ryan Seacrest after a workout
Ryan Seacrest / Instagram

Ryan Seacrest will have some catching up to do, as Kelly Ripa has been holding it down on live TV during his recent bouts of illness. A few weeks ago, the longtime TV host called in sick and once again left Ripa alone to take care of business -- which she did with flying colors. Her most recent solo hosting duties found her conducting interviews with big stars, like "The Conners" star Sara Gilbert and movie star, Matthew McConaughey, who is talking about his new memoir, "Greenlights."

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