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Alexandra Daddario poses on a boat

Alexandra Daddario Enjoys Massive Yoga Stretch In Miniscule Pajamas

By Rebecca Cukier

Alexandra Daddario is Instagram's latest yogi. The "True Detective" actress' weekend video was all about the outdoor yoga stretching and fresh air, with the 34-year-old delivering a downward dog pose, plus a perfectly-executed Warrior II while in tiny shorts pajamas. Alexandra, followed by 17.5 million on her Instagram, has now clocked not far off 1 million views for the peaceful video that came with a stylish Knix sleepwear look and a reminder that it's both "quarantine" and "jet lag" for the blue-eyed beauty. Check it out below.

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Not Her First Time

Alexandra Daddario poses doing yoga in a cabin

Scroll for the video. Alexandra, whose 2020 has already brought peaceful cabin yoga, was seemingly in her element here, filmed in black-and-white and on a balcony overlooking palm horizons. The actress kicked off settling herself into a hamstring-stretching downward dog, also showing off her white-piped loose pajama shirt and matching shorts. Next up, a bit of a push-up, plus the star easing into a Warrior II to stretch out her torso and her arms.

"Quarantine and jet lag," Daddario captioned the video.

Yoga And Phone Off Is Her Way

Alexandra Daddario poses with tea and Scrabble

Keep scrolling for the video. Alexandra, who has revealed that former Royal Meghan Markle made her workout spot "harder to get into," has clearly been finding her own spot – one that ins't the Modo Yoga studio visited by the former "Suits" actress. The "Baywatch" star has also opened up on her love of yoga – for Daddario, the zen state of mind extends to tapping away from technology.

"I do a ton of yoga. I find it more than just physically beneficial, but also emotionally. It’s great to take an hour to just chill out, be away from your phone, and focus on positivity," she told Muscle and Fitness.

Lara Bars And Salads

Alexandra Daddario poses outdoors holding lemons

Keep scrolling for more photos. Alexandra, whose super-fit body definitely got shown off in her famous nude "True Detective" scene and spicy hot tub swimsuit video, is also one to nourish herself with all the best stuff.

"Salads, fish, and rice, especially before a workout. I keep Lara bars in my purse," she continued, adding: "I also love avocados. I’ll cut one in half, put some olive oil and salt on it—that’s a healthy and filling snack."

Beauty in, beauty out for this star. Scroll for the Clinique video.

2 Million Views For Washing Her Face

Alexandra Daddario poses in a dark beanie hat

Alexandra is getting to play influencer on a big-time scale. She joins "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke in fronting beauty brand Clinique, with a recent video showing her both applying cosmetics and removing them with a refreshing face wash – fans seemed to think the actress needs zero makeup.

"I’m once again thrilled to partner with @Clinique for their #takethedayoffchallenge," Alexandra captioned a video now viewed over 2 million times, adding: "This month, for every post taking off your makeup using #takethedayoffchallenge, Clinique will donate $10 to the Breast Cancer Research foundation up to $250k!"

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