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50 Cent Called A 'Monster' After Showing Support For Donald Trump

By Ryan Naumann

50 Cent is being ripped apart by fans after he supported Donald Trump support.

Earlier this week, the rapper posted a screenshot of the cable news he was watching. On the screen, it showed a bunch of alleged tax rates that would go into effect under Joe Biden's plan. Biden has consistently said he would not raise taxes on anybody making less than $400,000 but 50 clearly didn't hear that message.

Or he's too concerned about the millions he makes being taxed at a higher rate.


He captioned the post, "👀WHAT THE FUCK! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT, 🏃‍♂️💨FUCK NEW YORK The KNICKS never win anyway. 🤷🏽‍♂️I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% are you out of ya fucking mind. 😤."

One fan commented "Smh clown" and another said, "Why ya rich people don’t like to pay taxes????? Meanwhile they take our whole pay check for taxes #foh50 u ain’t for the people."

Many people trashed 50 saying he just didn't want to pay his own share of taxes.


Another said, "I’m happy @oldmanebro is talking about 50 Cent endorsing Trump on the radio. A lot of you are aligning with 50 because of the implications of Biden’s tax plans. 1. Y’all don’t make enough to be taxed more. 2 Taxing the wealthy more helps YOU 3. The wealthy are gaslighting you"

"50 Cent in 2019: Trump offered me half a million to come to the inauguration but I didn’t take it because “all money is not good money” 50 Cent in 2020 after finding out he’d pay more in taxes: VOTE TRUMP," pointed out another.


Earlier today, activist Shaun King posted a photo of 50 Cent with NYPD officer David Terrell. He tore in the rapper for being close friends with the officer.

He said, "Let me tell you a story. ⁣That man next to @50Cent is a fucking monster. ⁣His name is Officer David Terrell of the NYPD. ⁣He may be the single most brutal, corrupt police officer I’ve ever covered. For years I saw him as my arch enemy. " ⁣ Shaun said, "More impacted people have filed complaints against him than nearly any police officer in the country. "


Shaun added, "I’ve met children who said he beat them and framed them for crimes they had nothing to do with. ⁣I’ve met women who said he told them that if they didn’t have sex with him that he would beat and arrest their children. " ⁣ He said, "I met families who told me he would break into their homes in the middle of the night to terrorize them. " ⁣ Shaun said, "When I showed people his picture in the neighborhood he polices in, they got so scared that they wouldn’t even say another word. ⁣For 20 years he has been a brutal monster everywhere he has policed. Women, children, and everyday people all over New York have been beaten and mauled by this man. ⁣And until we went after him for what he did to a family I know and love, he remained on the force. " ⁣ He ended, "Finally, his gun and badge were taken from him. But he still wasn’t fired. Anyway, @50cent knew ALL of this, and still calls this man his friend. ⁣So there you go on that."

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