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Sommer Ray poses in pigtails by indoor plants

Sommer Ray Snags 8 Million Views For Leather Bra Wiggle In Snakeskin Pants

By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray clocked herself over 8 million views overnight on Monday – and it wasn't even on the account where she has the most followers. The fitness model and bikini bombshell is followed by 25.5 million on her Instagram, but it was on the 24-year-old's TikTok that the action took place on Monday. Sommer, followed by just over 8 million on the gen-Z-adored platform, dropped her sexiest moves to date in what may be her hottest outfit. No bikini, but the Colorado native hadn't scrimped on the provocation as she danced in a tiny black leather bra and snakeskin pants. Check it out below.

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Bikini Bombshell Wears Hottest Outfit To Date

Sommer Ray poses in a bikini on a floor rug

Scroll for the video. Sommer, dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, was proving the moniker was handed out for a reason, seen indoors and bopping around to a twerk-centric track and matching the lyrics with an almighty booty-shake.

The video, showing off Sommer's new blonde hair and her killer waistline, came complete with power punching and the model dropping mad cake, with fans seeing Sommer joke that "I forgot the dance lol." Over 1.2 million likes have been left, but the comments are all mentioning one thing.

Fans Want 'WAP' Action

Sommer Ray poses in a bra and snakeskin pants

Not the first time Sommer has sparked requests for a little "WAP." The August-released track from rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion has regularly been mentioned as Sommer both writhed around under a rain shower this month and handled a massive snake while in a tiny bikini – fans want the beauty dropping her own "WAP," with the comments section seeing little else mentioned. Click here for the video.

"Petition for WAP," one fan wrote, with another saying: "Vote for WAP." "Vote for the WAP coming soon" was yet another plea – so far, Sommer is ignoring it all.

Downs $112,000 Crab Dinner


Sommer's headline-making continues to be dominated by the stuff she shoves in her pie-hole. These days, it isn't just any kind of food. Sommer was guest of honor recently as 31-year-old singer Jason Derulo and girlfriend Jena Frumes dined out, with the crooner celebrating a #1 hit and buying everyone in the restaurant a drink. Sommer, filmed ploughing down a crab dinner, then saw her seafood meal contribute to the staggering $112,000 dinner tab Jason racked up – scroll for all the other stuff Sommer has been eating.

Ordered Everything On The Menu At Chick-Fil-A

Sommer Ray poses in denim overalls by a wall

COVID has seen Sommer admit she's been "slacking" on the diet and exercise front, with the endless fast-food reminders seemingly backing up the complaint. Earlier this year, Sommer appeared in a YouTube video showing her ordering everything off the menu at Chick-Fil-A – she's also eaten from the popular chicken joint and burger chain In-N-Out in the same day.

Ray, also in the news for snacking in Ruffles while bopping around in a bubblegum-pink bikini, then made headlines for shoveling in boat-loads of The Sugar Factory's ice-cream sundae as she celebrated turning 24 years old.

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