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Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham Praised For Sharing Standing Breastfeeding Pic

By Jeff Mazzeo

Ashley Graham is an inspiration to moms everywhere and she is working hard to remove the stigma of breastfeeding!

The beautiful model shared a reveling pic on Tuesday that featured her baby, Issac taking it right from the tap. Ashley, dressed in a chic, all-black outfit, didn't hesitate to whip one of her mammaries when the little guy got hungry. Celebrity breastfeeding pics often trigger a small portion of fans but Graham's post was met with boatloads beastloads of praise from her fellow mothers.

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Hungry? Why Wait?

Ashley Graham breastfeeding her baby.

Feedings have been a little different for Ashley now that Issac is 9-months old. She excitedly explained what things are starting to change.

"Standing feedings are a thing now 🥺my big boy! He’s not walking, but crawling and pulling himself up everywhere!" she captioned the feeding pic.

Her millions of fans began showering her with praise almost immediately.

"❤️❤️❤️ They love standing feedings! Mine does all kinds of strange positions now. So funny! Good for you mama!" one complimentary mom commented.

"I Love your breastfeeding pics!!! They are so real ❤️ keep on posting and enjoy every second of this journey! It is over so fast and will never come back ❤️," a second mother wrote.

Letting It All Hang Out

Ashley Graham's bathroom selfie.

Graham recently received praise for being open with her body as well. She shared a bathroom selfie that featured the model in all her glory. She's clearly proud of how she bounced back after giving birth 9 months ago.

"nakie big girl 👋🏽," she wrote alongside the sultry pic.

Some fans actually took offense that the hot mama called herself a "big girl."

"Nakie normal girl," one follower corrected while another wrote, "I hate that this is seen as ‘big girl’ I see nothing but a beautiful, naturally curvy woman in all her glory..... super sexy and womanly ❤️."

Back To Work

Ashley Graham in black underwear.

The job of a model never stops and Graham celebrated being back to work in the most influencer way possible... by posting pics in her undies! She traveled to Italy to walk in a few fashion shows but made sure to capture some hot pics at the Palazzo Parigi Milan Hotel & Grand Spa.

"If you see me running around a hotel in milan in my underwear don’t mind me!!" she joked in the caption of her post.

It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it!



She is definitely doing her part to remove the stigma that surrounds breastfeeding and "big girls" but she has been known to overshare every once in a while.

In August, she let her fans get really up close and personal when she shared a video of her shaving her armpits. Ashley also included several outfit snaps mixed in with her hygiene video that made Kristen Bell comment, "You're such a babe."

"Yesss👑🙌," Karlie Kloss wrote.

There were a few followers that thought the shaving clip was a little much.

"Too much info! 🤭" a fan joked.

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