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Jason Derulo Buys $112,000 Dinner For Top Influencers To Celebrate Billboard #1

By Mike Walters

We now have an explanation for Sommer Ray's crazy $112,000 crab dinner, turns out Jason Derulo picked up the tab! Just wait until you see what he bought!

The singer was celebrating his recent #1 record on the Billboard charts -- Savage Love -- and decided to take a group of friends to dinner at one of Los Angeles' top restaurants. As we reported, the group included some of the social media's top influencers such as Sommer Ray and Jason's girlfriend.

So, dinner with friends couldn't be that crazy right?! See what he purchased...

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See The Massive Bill!


According to Jason's recent Instagram video, the singer stood up and made a toast to the whole place about his recent #1 single -- and bought the ENTIRE restaurant a shot!! Now, that's expensive!

In Derulo's video, you can hear him begin his toast, and see restaurant staff pouring loads of orange-colored shots for the crowded 'Catch' restaurant in Hollywood. As we reported, Sommer Ray was one of the lucky recipients of the generous meal and promptly thanked the singer on her IG story.

"It’s a celebration @catch! SAVAGE LOVE #1 on billboard, we did it," he wrote.

So what does he get for his generosity?!

Jason Derulo Bought Shots For The Entire Restaurant!


In a crazy twist of fate, Jason's post celebrating his #1 single is loaded with comments from angry 'BTS' fans who don't think enough credit was given to his collaborators on the song.

The 'Savage Love' single that made the Billboard charts is actually a remix with the massive boyband 'BTS' and their fans are pissed!

"You thanked BTS AFTER people called you out on it on TikTok? You’d think BTS would be the first person to thank considering them and their fans are the reason you could even afford to pay that bill," one person wrote. It appears he didn't credit them in some form at some point on social media.

See More Details...

Celebration Dinner Included Some Of The Hottest Social Media Influencers


As we reported, Sommer Ray made a huge splash at the dinner with her mind-blowing leather crop top and paint on style pants. But, that didn't help with the angry BTS fans.

"Jason, see, i liked you very much, but, what did you say about BTS it was very wrong, you only got the #1 hot 100 because of the boys, and say you were only interested in them for knowing our power, it was too low, very, your last #1 hot100 was 2009, i didn’t want to wish but Savage Love is going to fall a lot, we’re disappointed, we think we could trust you. not to mention that you disrespected the quarantine to make a celebration that is not just yours. 💔" another fan posted.

You win some, you lose some! -- But, thanks for the shots!

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