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Chanel West Coast laughing and looking behind her

Chanel West Coast Wet & Wild In Bikini With Bunny Ears

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast brought mega good times in her micro bikini this weekend. The 32-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star updated her Instagram right from her outdoor pool, with the MTV face's 3.5 million followers getting a big splash, a big booty flash, and a little bunny action via Chanel's snazzy filter addition. Chanel, who this year chased her dreams in Jessica Rabbit undies and recently rocked "Playboy" bunny ears backstage, is seemingly nowhere near done with the rabbit action. Check it out below.

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Weekend Vibes From L.A. Pool

Chanel West Coast poses in a swimsuit on a yacht

Scroll for the video. Chanel, who will wear a bikini on a ski slope, was once again proving that she's at her happiest in swimwear. The "No Plans" rapper was with pal Kikaya Kay as the two took a refreshing and revealing dip, with Chanel seen flaunting her killer curves in a skimpy, bubblegum-pink bikini with a cheeky thong finish. West Coast, not one to hide what her momma gave her, was seen bending over and forward in the water with her rear out of it – seemingly causing her friend to gasp.

Not Taking Any Shade


Keep scrolling for more photos. Chanel's video today likely provided a welcome break for fans amid a carousel of promos – if it isn't the rapper peeking her "Ridiculousness" looks and celebrating 500 episodes of the MTV series, it's her making sure everyone's aware she's dropped her pandemic-penned "No Plans."

Chanel's "No Plans" track, seeing her bikini-clad and filmed inside a $50 million mansion for the video, follows her less-official, but still totally popular, "Corona Rap." Less easy-going was the LAPD shutting down Chanel's recent 32nd birthday party, with Chanel actually filmed yelling at the cops.

Calls Cops 'Losers'

Chanel West Coast poses in a leather two-piece outfit

September was busy for West Coast as her attempts to party it up big-time on her birthday turned into a yelling fest with local law enforcement.

"There's another party up Laurel Canyon off of Mulholland and it has 300 people," Chanel yelled while on camera, adding:

"So if you guys really want to break up some chaos that’s gonna cause corona, you should go to the parties that are actually with like extensive amounts of people."

Chanel then told cops they should be grateful to her for giving them "tips."

Ramps Up Designer Looks On Instagram

Chanel West Coast poses in leather boots and a Balmain look

Chanel might make headlines for her music and the "Ridiculousness" show she's starred on since 2011, but the latest has seen the rapper in the news for big-time upping the designer vibes on her Instagram. Chanel marked her pandemic return to the set in matching Versace sweats, also showing off her Louis Vuitton love with her "Louis V in the sea" bathing suit and matching hat.

Chanel went "Bossy" in Balmain, she's sunbathed in a Gucci bikini and matching mask, and it looks like the latest has stuck high-end, with West Coast rocking leather pants and a Balenciaga top.

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