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Sommer Ray poses looking coy at night

Sommer Ray's Pantless Shower 'Upgrade' Hits 2.8 Million Views

By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray has now clocked 2.8 million views for a revealing video showing her big shower upgrade. The 24-year-old model and social media sensation might be busy influencing millions, but this was Sommer's turn to be on the receiving end – the Colorado native admitted she'd spotted her latest shower on TikTok, taking to the gen z-loved platform to showcase the merch. "I saw this shower head on TikTok," Sommer told her followers: "And I just had to order it." Check out what the fuss is about below.

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TikTok Has Thoughts On Her Power Shower

Sommer Ray poses for a bikini sefie

Scroll for the video. Sommer, whose 8.1 million TikTok followers are fast-climbing – her IG leads the way at 25.5 million, though – had posted right from her shower. The fitness model, wearing only a skimpy green-and-pink cropped tee and matching green boyfriend underpants, was busy talking her fans through the shower, seen standing amid the marbled walls of her wetroom.

"Wowwww..." Sommer said, calling it "honestly a really good time" as she sprayed a nice power shower stream from a showerhead she said was "supposed to be really good for your hair or skin."

'Look At This.... Wow'

Sommer Ray poses showing off her new shower

Keep scrolling for the video. Sommer, telling fans that the shower head she had "before here" had "the worst shower pressure," seemed mighty pleased with her purchase. Her fans, however, seemed to be voicing less innocent thoughts about the product with many "beads."

"I wonder what that's for," one cheekily wrote.

"Let's be honest, we all know what she finna be using this for," another chimed in.

The usual request of "Do the WAP Dance" topped comments, though. Not the first time Ray has sparked requests to "WAP" it out. Click here for the video, scroll for more.

$112,000 Crab Dinner, Plenty Of Spending

Sommer Ray poses for a selfie outdoors

Sommer may well see her recent crab dinner topping her list of pandemic expenditures. The model made headlines ahead of the weekend for sharing a dinner bill totaling $112,000 as she dined out with fellow model Jena Frumes and Jason Derulo – Sommer was filmed chowing down on the pricey seafood in a braless leather crop top and showing off the perks of both her high-profile career and – given the company – her newfound friends.

Sommer once made headlines for grabbing dinner with "RAP DEVIL" rapper boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, promptly dumping him on his 30th birthday earlier this year.

Showing Off Her 'Thunder Thighs'

Sommer Ray poses in a bodysuit and socks

Over on Sommer's Instagram, the posts have been keeping up with the curves, the muscles, and the witty captions. Sommer's latest post, showing her flaunting her killer built thighs in only a velvet thong bodysuit and socks, came captioned "Thunder Thighs" today. Over a quarter of a million likes poured in before the post was an hour old.

Elsewhere, the wit has been kept up with Sommer shouting singer Lana Del Ray recently for "Sommertime sadness." A rarer, and deeper post this month has also seen the model explore her moods as she wrote: "My moods don’t just swing.. they bounce, pivot, recoil, rebound, oscillate, fluctuate & occasionally pirouette."

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