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Chanel West Coast poses in a pink jakcet with a hair braid

Chanel West Coast's Leather Pants Bring 'Ridiculousness' In Skintight Top

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast is big-time repping the leather pants right now. The 32-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star teased a little on-set moment via her weekend Instagram stories, with Chanel's 3.5 million followers getting a peek at her upcoming look, plus a reminder that it's designer or the highway for West Coast. The "No Plans" rapper whose Instagram is literally overflowing with Louis Vuitton and Gucci right now, went Spanish via her skintight Balenciaga shirt. Check it out below, plus a little bikini action further down.

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West Coast In The House

Chanel West Coast poses in boots and Balmain

Scroll for the video. Chanel, who recently celebrated 500 episodes of the TV show she stars on, is seemingly nowhere near done promoting her presence on it. Chanel, who has featured on "Ridiculousness" since 2011, was seen cheekily opening and closing a dressing room door for a boomerang finish as she showed off her OOTD. The LOL Cartel founder, seen with poker-straight brown hair, was going racy in high-waisted black leather pants, with monochrome from her monogrammed Balenciaga top keeping it color coordinated. West Coast does not do fashion by half.

Teasing Fans From Dressing Room


Chanel's Saturday dressing room tease is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to teasing IG. West Coast, who recently twerked up an insane storm in a floral bikini and with a girlfriend, even blamed her booty-shaking shenanigans on the White Claws she'd been drinking – "When the White Claw hits," the rapper wrote.

On-set, though, it's strictly business, with West Coast having marked the 500 episodes milestone in knee-high Fendi boots and a naughty miniskirt – nowhere near as naughty as the Jessica Rabbit undies, though. More below.

Scroll For the Bikini Action!

Chanel West Coast in pink with closed eyes

Chanel, whose co-hosting with Rob Dydrek takes fans back to "Fantasy Factory" days, has been balancing out her naughty twerking with some good old thank-yous. The Fashion Nova partner thanked the MTV network as she held up "500" balloons this month, writing:

"I truly appreciate everyone who is a part of this magical show more than words can describe! Also Thank you to the FANS!!!! We ain’t sh-t without you guys! Thank you for tuning in to our show for all these years! Love you all!"

Releasing 'No Plans' During Pandemic

Chanel West Coast poses on a terrace in a bikini

Chanel's TV career is only one side of her. The rapper, best-known for tracks including "Alcoholic," and 2019-released "Sharon Stoned," has been releasing her pandemic-penned music. The latest from the hard-hitter is "No Plans," which also brings a glitter bikini-clad music video seeing West Coast shot inside a $50 million mansion.

"No Plans" follows the much less official, but nonetheless hugely-popular "Corona Rap." Chanel has also been getting her twerk on to urge fans to vote. Check it out below.

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