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Kate Beckinsale laughing

Kate Beckinsale Entertains 'Fart Video' Request From Gassy Fan

Kate Beckinsale / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Kate Beckinsale is not afraid to mix it up with her devoted fans, even when they request some bizarre stuff from the "Underworld" star. Beckinsale took to Instagram on Friday afternoon to show off her fancy new earrings, but instead of her ears, one fan was more focused on another part of her body with a very blunt request that would have been ignored by most celebrities. However, Kate Beckinsale is not like most celebrities and had no problem with a little flatulence talk.

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Fancy Bling

Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

48-year-old Beckinsale was showing off her bling on social media when she filmed a boomerang video of her shimmering new earrings.

"Sparkly upgrade from having my name tape sewn into my gym knickers," Beckinsale wrote about her custom monogrammed earrings.

Although most fans were fixated on Beckinsale's bling, one fan's interesting comment caused a real stink with the "Underworld" star.

A lovely bloke with the Instagram handle, "rippinfartz," asked the actress, "ever do fart vidz?"

It was rippinfartz's lucky day, because Beckinsale took notice and personally responded.

Ripping It Up


In response to the fart video query, Beckinsale responded, "oh constantly. It’s extremely rare I take a break and get any hoovering done."

Clearly grasping on to his connection with Beckinsale, rippinfartz followed up with another comment:

"why not both at the same time? your agent should have thought of this already."

Deadly, but definitely not silent, Beckinsale got the last word in when she told the fart fan, "I feel that could cause a glitch in the matrix I do not want to take responsibility for."

Fun With Farts

Kate Beckinsale in the bathtub
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Kate Beckinsale can do know wrong with her fans and they loved that she was having a gas and mixing it up over some good old bodily functions.

"@katebeckinsale is ripping out the burns AND the fart vids! 😂 #yougogirl," one fan commented.

"Did you know eating onions give you the farts . And also beans . Avoid onions on your cheese burgers," another fan warned.

" I think it would be a bit difficult to hear the farts over the sound of the vacuum," a third fan suggested.

Clapping Back

Kate Beckinsale in sunglasses
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

It's not the first time Kate Beckinsale has mixed it up with her fans, although sometimes she needs to put a person in their place for insensitive social media comments. Back in September, the movie star shared with fans, in an emotional Instagram post, that she had euthanized her dog.

After sharing a post of her fur baby's final moments, which also displayed Beckinsale wearing a mask, one fan ripped the star for the controversial protective item.

"Not sure you need to wear a mask for your dog," the fan cracked in the comments on Beckinsale's post.

"No but the vet who came to euthanize her in my arms at home wore one and so did I is that ok with you," Beckinsale clapped back.

"What a f--king Karen," one fan responded in defense of Beckinsale.

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