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Jordyn Woods smiles for photographers at a charity event

Jordyn Woods Says Her Boyfriend SUPPORTS Her Joining OnlyFans

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By Chris Barilla

After finally making her relationship with Karl-Anthony Towns Instagram official back in September, Jordyn Woods is now gushing about just how supportive her new man is with her decision to make a private OnlyFans account.

According to a new interview, the social media star gave with Page Six, she is loving the fact that her boyfriend supports the move to OnlyFans, claiming that he "sees [her] vision" and is helping in whichever ways he can to bring it to fruition with her.

Supportive Partners

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To start off her gushing about Towns, the star said that she is grateful for the overwhelming level of support from those closest to her in life, "It's amazing to have people in your life that support you through whatever, and they're there to uplift you, and help you through your journey. We're very open about it. We talk about everything."

Woods claims that her relationship with Towns is founded in mutual support, which allows them both to strive to be their best selves.

Working Hard For Each Other

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"It's cool to have a partner that supports you and wants you to be the best version of you and wants you to be a businesswoman," Woods explained of how their relationship also supports their business endeavors. 

The star said the level of transparency she maintains with her boyfriend goes as far as screening the images she posts to OnlyFans with him before sharing them online, which she claims she does only out of trust, not out of a need to seek approval.

A Certain Level Of Trust

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"Obviously you don't need approval from someone else, but I just want to make sure that everything is respectful," she added about their interesting relationship dynamic. "Also, I'm someone in my life that I really value the people around me's opinion, so I have to ask, like, three people before posting something."

For whatever it's worth it seems as though the pair are getting along swimmingly, finding a happy balance between their personal and public lives and maintaining respect in that regard. 

How It All Came To Be

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As for how Towns escaped the "friend zone," Woods commented that, "he and I have been friends for a few years now, and we were just really close friends."

Referencing the passing of Towns' mother, she said, "We would talk all the time about life, about everything, and then after his mother passed, it brought us a lot closer because I had gone through the loss of a parent as well, and so being that crutch for each other, I guess, led to something more, and it's like being with your best friend."

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