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Salma Hayek Trolled By Donald Trump Supporters For Mail-In Ballot

By Mike Walters

Salma Hayek is doing her civic duty and showing off the mail-in ballot she completed and was about to mail -- but, the simple Instagram post brought out a grip of Donald Trump supporters who trolled the actress for seemingly voting the other way.

The 'From Dusk Til' Dawn' star just posted a picture of herself holding up a mail-in Presidential ballot for this year's election where Donald Trump is facing off against Joe Biden. In the picture, Salma doesn't mention who she voted for, but Trump fans flooded her account anyways!

Take A Look!

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Salma Hayek's Mail-In Ballot Brings Out 'MAGA' Supporters


"#ivoted #votingmatters," Salma caption the picture. Of course, she looks stunning in the photo, and her fans can't stop talking about how only Hayek can make voting look sexy!

But, almost immediately, Salma's page was filled with comments like, "#MAGA2020 🇺🇸, Trump 2020!!!, and Me too 🙈#Donald2020."

Many of Salma's fans know just how important it is for celebrities to encourage their followers to get out and vote, and are sending her messages of support. "Yes!!! Thank you for voting! We must affect change now, and voting is a crucial part of that!" one person wrote.

Biden fans clap back at Trump fans, see below!

'Dear 45 Trolls: Can You Please Just Stop?'


"Dear 45 Trolls: can you please just stop?" someone wrote on the actresses page.

As we said, this argument won't get solved on Salma Hayek's Instagram page, but many are pumped she is using her platform to promote the idea of getting out to vote.

"You are the sky full of stars. You've made my life even more beautiful. Thank you for using your platform to help and supporting important causes. ❤🙏🏻," a fan wrote.

The A-lister made huge headlines this week after revealing she actually has a pet owl! The 'Like A Boss' star posted a video of herself kissing her feathered friend, and her fans went nuts!

You Gotta See This!

Salma Hayek Has A Pet Owl?!


It turns out, Salma adopted the adorable little bird a few years ago and has quite the affinity for animals. Salma's hooter is in great company, she revealed back in 2013 a growing list of animals she owns with her longtime husband, François-Henri Pinault.

"I have five horses, four alpacas, one cat, eight dogs, one hamster, five parrots, two fish, I'm sure I'm forgetting something!" she said.

She continued, "'You know this is like the Oscars you forgetting someone. Oh, I forgot! I have bunny rabbits, I have turkeys, 20 chickens, same with the rabbits be careful just buy one."

Now, back to lighting up Instagram with Hot Shots!

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