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Ireland Baldwin Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction In Sexy Skimpy Red Lingerie

By Mike Walters

Ireland Baldwin just made the entire internet blush at the same time, after the model posted a mind-blowing photo of herself in lingerie where it appears she is having a slight wardrobe malfunction.

Alec Baldwin's daughter shared the smoking hot photos on Instagram, where she is sporting a lacey bra and underwear set that fits her perfectly in all the right places. But, on the top side, it appears the cup size is a bit too small, and Baldwin is having trouble keeping the girls inside the sexy garment.

Not, that anyone is complaining...Check This Out!

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See The Mind-Blowing Lingerie Shots!


See More Lingerie Shots Below. Ireland doesn't say much in the caption of this stunning set of photos, but she does give credit to the designer of this sexy set, 'Eat Lingerie.'

According to their website, "There are a couple of hallmarks with every collection that will be unique to Eats. First of all: FIT. When girls put on our lingerie we want them to KNOW they look their best and therefore feel their best. Secondly, each Eats Lingerie set will be adorned by a tiny gold Eats-themed charm. The first reflecting the confident, sexy, and whimsical nature of the brand: cherries! Lastly, we want everything to be maximum SEXY all the time."

See The Mind-Blowing Up Close Shot!

Ready For Your Close Up?!


"Well... There goes my afternoon," one fan wrote after seeing the stunning shots.

"You got it from your Momma!!! 🔥✨❤️," another added. Actually, they may not be so far off on that one, Ireland is the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. So, ya she got some of it from her momma!

"SMOKIN’ 🔥🔥🔥🔥.. U SEXY THANG!.. 🌹," a fan wrote. Adding, "I've never wanted to smell a rose so bad 😍." If you look closely, Ireland is showing off her impressive body art pieces which includes a giant red rose on her hip. Ok, now we get it! (Above)

Ireland Baldwin Stuns In Bikini Shots!

Ireland Baldwin Continues To Light Up Instagram With Sexy Shots!


The Hollywood heiress made huge headlines in the past few days after promoting a line of 'leak-free' underwear, which she also posted a photo of herself wearing!

"I am so excited to work with such a badass brand. @shopproof are leak-free underwear. Periods are such a pain in the ass and as someone who doesn’t use tampons, I highly recommend these comfy panties. I am always worried about getting my period blood all over the place," she wrote.

She continued, "When I got my first period, I was inside a Victoria’s Secret with a group of school friends. I was trying on the sexy holiday outfits when suddenly I took the Santa outfit off and realized that I Texas Chainsaw Massacre-ed all over the place. Not only did I have to buy the damn Santa dress, but I had to walk into a Rite Aid with my dad with a giant red stain on my shorts. LOVES IT. Stop wrecking your sheets and get these comfy panties to sleep in!"

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